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Start in the new century of cash and card free mobile payment with our all-in-one solution via mobile app for Android and iOS or our online API. Cashcloud offers the next generation of online and offline payment with the most innovative, safest and most convenient payment tool that is currently available on the market. • Merchants, Online shops and payment service providers can settle payments easily with cashcloud accessible via mobile devices or plug-in - at no monthly or fix cost. • Ideal for small amounts (micro-payments) – up to 1 € - no fees! • Secure and reliable real-time payments - no chargebacks! Cashcloud offers various loyalty and advertising materials to help you to achieve the best customer loyalty! Cashcloud guarantees the highest safety standards - based on the EU eMoney regulations.

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Cashcloud Payments von: cashcloud
Beginnen Sie das neue Jahrhundert mit unserer All-in-One-Lösung, die kostenlose Handy-Zahlung für Mobile App für Android und iOS oder in unserer Online-API - ohne Bargeld und Karten Cashcloud bietet die nächste Generation von Online-und...

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