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Actindo Unified Commerce Suite ERP Integration for Shopware 6.x

Actindo Unified Commerce Suite ERP Integration for Shopware 6.x

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Mission Actindo offers a direct connection to the modern shop system Shopware. The interface to... more

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Actindo offers a direct connection to the modern shop system Shopware. The interface to shopware offers you central data management, automatic data and stock synchronization and to also connect your data to further sales channels; online or offlinel.


The connection between Shopware and Actindo offers you a variety of process optimations in your company:

Fully automated company processes

Benefit from the complete automation of the Actindo Unified Commerce Suite. The connection between the systems allows you to save time because manual processing of orders, payments or inventory is no longer necessary. The information flow takes place automatically in the background. Automation enables you to work more efficiently and guarantees a smooth process flow.

Inventories updated at all times

Many online retailers sell on more than one sales channel. The greatest danger here is not to provide current inventory across channels. This can lead to over-sales and frustration for customers. With Actindo, stocks are automatically synchronized on all linked channels. This means that oversales are impossible and customer satisfaction is significantly increased.

Support of business processes

The central administration of all data helps you to keep an eye on all company areas. Map your complete financial accounting, returns management, as well as a purchase - based on historical data - directly via Actindo. You also have the option of creating your own reports with your specifications in order to precisely evaluate all the required key figures.


The Actindo Shopware integration gives you the opportunity to link your Shopware shop with the Actindo Unified Commerce Suite. This ensures central control of your data and provides a meaningful connection of the sales channels. Enrich article data, automatically transfer inventory and control the pick & pack process more efficiently and quickly via an automatic workflow.

The main functions of the Shopware integration:

Product Information Management

The Actindo Product Information Management Module (PIM) offers a central collection and processing point for all your product data. With the Actindo PIM, you can manage this product data for all sales channels and touchpoints in real time in one place - based on consistent and accurate data.

Process automation

With the Actindo Unified Commerce Suite you reduce the manual steps in the back office. With the powerful process automation you achieve a significant increase in efficiency.

Omni-Channel Commerce

Connect all sales channels - offline or online - with Actindo. The central processing of all orders and data minimizes the occurrence of errors throughout the company.

Central shipping control

Connect all logistics service providers directly to the Actindo Unified Commerce Suite, so that manual entry of package and tracking data is no longer necessary. This way you optimize your shipping process and always keep customers informed about their order.

Optimal payment comparison

All common payment service providers and banks can be connected to Actindo. This enables an automatic payment comparison, regardless of which channel and which payment method your customer has ordered. Release orders automatically and carry out refunds on returns directly from Actindo.

Dashboard & Reporting

The Actindo Dashboard provides you with all the data you need to make effective business decisions at a glance. Personalize the view with the desired key figures to get a current overview immediately after starting the software. With the option of creating your own reports, you can create dedicated queries according to your specifications and play them out automatically.

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Version 1.0.2

New onboarding process without manual integration

Version 1.0.1

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Version 1.0.0

Initial Release for Shopware 6.x

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