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TradeByte Connector for SW6
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  • 23 Apr 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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Shopware as channel for the leading eCommerce multichannel solution With TB.One, Tradebyte... more

Product information

Shopware as channel for the leading eCommerce multichannel solution

With TB.One, Tradebyte offers a solution for the efficient management of product information (PIM) and integrates a channel control, which makes it easy to realize multichannel connections to platforms such as, Zalando or Otto. With the Tradebyte Connector to Shopware 6 you have the possibility to connect shopware to TB.One as well. 

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Installation manual

The installation takes place first as with any plugin.

Install the plugin as usual » Insert your credentials » validate your API

However, it is pointed out that especially for the adjustment and assignment of free text fields an ADDON plugin of the best it is necessary.

Please contact us in any case BEFORE PROJECT START to avoid planning errors and wrong expectations of the plugin.

Our pre-sales and support team will be happy to assist you:

  • (Distribution & Licensing)
  • (Onboarding, technical Assistance & Integration)


Version 0.0.1

  • Initial installation of Shopware 6 Tradebyte Connector
  • Verify REST API credentials

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