BrandLock - Anti-Malware For Brands

BrandLock - Anti-Malware For Brands

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Product information

BrandLock is an essential security plugin for your website. It automatically blocks Adware and Malware coming from your visitor's device and damaging their experience on your website. Price comparison tools, pop ups and Ad insertions can hijack your customers through better deals. 

With BrandLock, you are protected against Data Stealing Malware, Affiliate Fraud, Intrusive Advertising, Malicious Scripts, Targeted Pop-ups and more. Choose to protect your online business, and notice the increase in conversion and profitability. 

Capabilities / Features:

Built By Security Experts
Plug and Play Installation
Intelligent Protection Algorithms
Increase in conversion rate
Deep Data. Deeper Insights

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Installation manual

After installing the Plugin, carry out the following steps:1. Enter the  BrandLock Protection Signature2. Change the Protection status to 'Enable'3. Save the Configuration4. Activate the Plugin
In case of any concerns, reach out to us at
Note:Do not forget to clear Cache after any configuration changes.


Version 1.0.0

  1.0.0 - BrandLock plugin release for Shopware

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