Buy (Subscriptions)

Use the plugin for as long as you want
Purchased plugins can be used for an unlimited period of time in your online shop.

Manufacturer support and updates included (Subscription)
For this plugin, you receive free support directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, all updates are free of charge for 12 months, starting from the purchase date. After twelve months have passed, you have the option of extending your subscription in your Shopware Account*. Of course, you can continue to use the plugin to the full extent without lengthening your support subscription.

*In extending your subscription, you can choose from the following options:

Duration: 6 months, Cost: € 3.75
Duration: 12 months, Cost: € 6.00
Duration: 24 months, Cost: € 10.00
The cost is related to the current selling price and can change in the future.

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