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Product Stream extension

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Wichtig: Note that this plugin is only compatible with the new "Shopware Responsive Template"... more

Product information

Wichtig: Note that this plugin is only compatible with the new "Shopware Responsive Template" from Shopware 5.1.

Product Stream extension

The allocation of suitable accessories can significantly increase the turnover, but the maintenance is permanently quite time-intensive and can thus also cause considerable costs. If the number of accessories allocated increases, the overview for the customer can quickly get worse.

For this purpose, Shopware has developed the product streams available from Shopware 5.1. Our plugin provides a clear and individual representation of the product streams on the article details page. Optionally, the shopping cart button and the quantity field can also be displayed in the slides so that the customer can order the items immediately.

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Features & Benefits

  • Overview of groups in the frontend
  • Display the groups as a new tab, beside the existing accessory tab or as a separate tab group
  • Shopping cart buttons can be inserted or dimmed in the slides (optional)
  • Quantity field to match your shopping cart button can be inserted or dimmed in the slides (optional)

For the presentation in the frontend, you can choose between three variants. The setting is set globally in the plugin. If you want to change it, you have the possibility to change the setting for the article in the article details.

Variant 1: Insertion in the own tab next to the ratings

Do you have accessories that your customers should find quickly? Then the first display option will be your choice. The prominent placement next to the reviews ensures a high attention to the viewer. This representation is ideal for a small number of important accessory groups.

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Variant 2: Display in a separate tab group under the article information

In the second option, your accessory items will appear directly under the item information block. The different groups are grouped into tab groups and displayed side by side. This setting is ideal for a variety of assigned product streams.

See example

Variant 3: Display next to the available accessories Tab

The third option is to display the groups next to the existing Accessories tab as their own tabs (Shopware Standard). The tabs arrange themselves behind all other standard tabs of Shopware. This presentation is suitable if the placement of the product streams does not have to appear in a prominent place and requires little attention.

See example

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Toll für viel Zubehörartikel

10 Jun 2016

Muss hiermit eine positive Bewertung abgeben. Ich habe schon für tausende Euros Plugins gekauft und manchmal kommt man sich wie ein Beta-Tester vor. Mit diesem Plugin funktionierte alles sofort ohne jegliche Fehler!

Wir haben Produkte die viel Zubehör aus verschiedenen Kategorien / Gruppen benötigen. Bisher waren bis zu 20 Artikel im Zubehör-Slider unübersichtlich versteckt. Mit diesem Plugin kann ich einfach Gruppen erstellen und exakt passende Produkte zuordnen. Der Kunde hat alles übersichtlich im Blick und kannn auch noch gleich mit einem Klick bestellen. Absolut perfekt für jeden mit viel Zubehörartikeln.

Empfehlung und Danke.


sinvolle Erweiterung

12 Apr 2016

Macht was es soll, problemlose Installation und Aktivierung einfaches Handling.

Ist eine echte sinnvolle Erweiterung...



Installation manual

Note: If you use the "Shopware Security Plugin", please deactivate it beforehand! After the installation you can activate it again.

The software is installed via the Plugin Manager.

User Manual


Version 2.2.7

Kompatibilität mit Shopware 5.5.x hergestellt.

Version 2.2.6

Adaptations to the Smarty Security mode

Version 2.2.5

Anpassungen für die Anzeige unter Shopware 5.3.x

Version 2.2.4

Kompatibilität mit Shopware 5.3.0 hergestellt

Version 2.2.3

Version 2.2.2

Version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.0

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