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Product images in the categories as sliders

Product images in the categories as sliders

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  • coolbax
  • 1.0.1
  • 1 Sep 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
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Product images in the categories as Slider SW6 Not every article can show its full potential... more

Product information


  • All images are conveniently displayed in the categories or the search results
  • Variant-dependent images are also presented
  • The images are automatically processed in a slider
  • Slider adapts seamlessly to the set product layout
  • Optimized for all devices


  • Possibility to set the maximum number of pictures
  • Specify whether the navigation arrows of the slider should be displayed permanently or on mouseover
  • Let the arrows rotate automatically
  • Determine the appearance of the arrows
  • Arrows are always displayed on the mobile devices
  • Articles with only one image are displayed without a slider


Product images in the categories as Slider SW6

Not every article can show its full potential with a picture. Often you need several pictures, but in the Shopware standard only one picture per article is possible in the listing. If a customer wants to see more of an article, he has to call up every single detail page. It costs valuable time for your customers and may lead to crashes on your side.

Change it with this plugin. Give your customers the opportunity to view all pictures of an article in the listing. If this plugin is installed and activated, it automatically inserts a slider for each article that has been assigned more than one image. No matter which layout you have selected for your categories, the slider automatically adapts to every standard setting of Shopware.

Test in the demo shop

To the manual (in German)

Features & benefits

  • Display of all stored images of an article already in the listin
  • Articles with a picture remain unaffected
  • Representation on the following pages:
    • Listing
    • Search
  • The images are processed comfortably in a slider
  • Images can rotate automatically
  • Display of the arrows can be selected (3 selection options)
  • Fits seamlessly into the template
  • Possibility to set the maximum number of pictures
  • Show navigation arrows permanently or on mouseover

This enrichment of the product presentation cannot only be activated in the category pages. You can also use it in the search.

Also suitable for variant-dependent pictures

Not only are the normally assigned images presented optimally, variant-dependent images are also displayed comfortably. You can demonstrate the colors or variations of an article to your customer in the listing.

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Do you have questions about the plugin or the setup? Then take a look at our manual (in German) or write us directly at:

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Installation manual

The installation is done via the Plugin Manager.

To the manual (in German)


Version 1.0.1

Improvement of the view when loading the page 

Version 1.0.0

First version of the Product images in the categories as sliders

About the manufacturer

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Current version:


€ 31.20* € 39.00* Promotion valid until 04/12/2020 23:59

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