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Recommended Products

Recommended Products

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This extension cannot be used in a Shopware Cloud shop.
  • ccltd39725748243
  • CodeCoda Ltd
  • 1.1.0
  • 9 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – – – –
Cross-selling products is one of the proven eCommerce methods to boost the individual sales... more

Product information


  • The extension adds recommended products slider using native Cross-selling of Products that are configurable from the admin panel. The slider appears in different checkout-related pages: * Cart page * Address page * Confirm page * Finish page
  • It checks if the products has minimum one Cross-selling product and if yes, then it displays them using native Shopware slider so no additional JavaScript will be added.
  • It displays a message if the products that are added in the shopping cart do not contain Cross-selling products.
  • Every message can be translated from the admin panel because they are snippets.


  • Create Recommended products by your choice
  • Show sliders with Recommended products in Checkout pages
  • Show connected products to increase buyers attention


Cross-selling products is one of the proven eCommerce methods to boost the individual sales value of each purchase. Use this plug-in to link similar products together and increase the chance for them to be purchased.  

When customers put something that they like in their shopping cart, similar products and accessories become a lot more attractive. Use this plug-in to introduce new product functionalities as indispensable add-ons, and increase the chance for spontaneous purchases. 

Recommended Products is suitable for both cross-selling and upselling strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need support for the plugin? To make a support request about the plugin, please use your Shopware account or visit our support page at - here you will also find helpful information, as well as video examples, installation guides (if needed) and contact options. We provide support in English only. To maximize the speed of your request, please, follow these steps: -> Write us which is your version of Shopware, also the plugin version you're using; -> Is the plugin used with valid subscription; -> Have you checked if the problematic behavior occurs with default theme and with all other plugins disabled -> Have you made changes to the source code of the plugin More information about the support can be found on our support page:
  • What are the limits of this extension? * Only the first 4 Cross-selling products of all Cross-selling group of a single product will be added and maximum 6 for checkout final page. * The extension will get Cross-selling products for maximum 36 products that are added in the shopping cart. * The slider will display maximum 12 products.


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Installation manual

Enabling the plugin in you Shopware 6 system 

1. If you have connected your Shopware account in the plugin manager. After you have logged in, all plug-ins that have already been purchased for the domain of the shop will be available to you under Purchases. There you can download the desired plug-in. This will add the plugin to My Plugins. 

2. Alternatively you can upload the plugin manually. You can download the necessary zip file in your Shopware account in the Shop Operator section and use the Upload plugin function in you Shopware installation. 

Installing the plugin 

Now that the plug-in is available under My Plugins, you can install it. To do this, open the context menu by clicking the "..." button. In the menu, just click on Install. Then you can activate the plug-in by clicking the button in the Status column. 

Configure the plug-in 

Some active plug-ins have their own menu entry under Settings > Plugins, which you can use to open the plug-in configuration. For information on the function and configuration of the individual plug-ins, please refer to the respective plugin documentation.


Version 1.1.0

Upgrade for Shopware version 6.4.x

Version 1.0.0

First version of the plugin

About the manufacturer

CodeCoda Ltd CodeCoda Ltd Shopware Business Partner Shopware Business Partner 1 Certifications Developer SW5 0 Developer Advanced SW5 0 Template Designer SW5 0 Template Developer SW5 0 Developer SW6 1 Developer Advanced SW6 0 Template Designer SW6 0 Template Designer Advanced SW6 0 3 Extensions No ratings
Current version:


€ 69.00*
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