cusati smart search extension by categories and manufacturers

cusati smart search extension by categories and manufacturers

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
Expected release: Dec 2021
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Plugin details
  • cusat56579647882
  • cusati media GmbH
  • 2.0.0
  • 19 Nov 2019
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
With this visionary plugin, your customers can search for categories and manufacturers that... more

Product information


  • expands the search in your shop by
  • “categories” and
  • “manufacturers”
  • display of the results also directly in results window
  • customers can click directly on results to go to category and manufacturer pages in your shop


  • Basics:
  • implementation of “Smart Search” is required
  • the additional column for categories and manufacturers can be (de)activated individually for every subshop
  • Configuration:
  • number of results
  • sorting by relevance or alphabetically
  • new in version 1.1.0: categories can be displayed as tree with minimum and maximum depth


With this visionary plugin, your customers can search for categories and manufacturers that match their search query. 

 Thus, the cusati Smart Search Extension Plugin extends both the standard Shopware search and the "Smart Search" plugin of Shopware. As beautiful as an smart search may be - we thought there is even more to it. 

 In the beginning there was the question: What are customers looking for? The partner for life? A new electricity supplier? Something that can give you hope? After heated discussions, we decided on categories and manufacturers. 

The stupid thing about the previous "smart search": A customer will not understand why he does not get to categories or directly to the manufacturer via the search. 

Perhaps they just want to get an overview of brands and products.

Neither the "Smart Search" nor the standard search can do all this. 

The search extension, through the Smart Search Extension Plugin from cusati, does - regardless of whether the "Smart Search" from Shopware has already been integrated into the online shop. 

The cusati Smart Search Extension runs autonomously and elicits the full potential of a truly clever search.

We recommend our blog post on this topic: “Intelligente Suche in Shopware konfigurieren und erweitern” (only German).

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 2 reviews:


Super Plugin. Die Einbindung ging problemlos und auf eine Rückfrage haben wir sehr schnell eine Antwort bekommen. Vielen Dank!

7 Oct 2019


Sinnvolle Erweiterung

4 Oct 2019

Sinnvolle Erweiterung und erhebliche Verbesserung der Suchergebnisse im Flyout.


Installation manual

1. Installation

Please buy the plugin and install it via the Plugin-Manager.

After the installation the plugin needs to be activated.

Subsequently you have to clear the shop cache (frontend and backend).

2. Additional Information

The displaying of manufacturers and categories is applied to the results of the live search and not to all search results found. Especially in huge shops with high product quantities there would be long latencies due to the anyhow performance hungry Smart Search.

For best results we therefore ask you to adjust the displayed number of results. Please go to Einstellungen->Grundeinstellungen->Storefront->Suche and set the value of Anzahl der Ergebnisse in der Livesuche to at least 8. A value between 8 and 12 will deliver good results without additional performance issues even for huge systems.

3. Configuration und Use

After successful installation please open Plugin-Konfiguration.

The diverse tabs show the titles of your main shop and your subshops. In every tab you can adjust the following:
Show manufacturers and categories in the search bar:
This setting gives you the opportunity to show or hide the extension of manufacturers and categories in every subshop.

Manufacturers limit to:

How many manufacturers shall be displayed next to the search results? A value between 2 and 5 makes sense here.

If you set the value to 0 no manufacturers will be displayed.

Sort Manufacturers:

“Unsorted” returns all manufacturers in the order they were found in the database (mostly alphabetically).

“Sorted” sorts all manufacturers by relevance of the found products (more accurate).

Limit :

How many categories shall be displayed next to the search results? A value between 2 and 5 makes sense here.

If you set the value to 0 no categories will be displayed.

Kategorien Sortieren:

“Unsortiert” returns all categories in the order they were found in the database. It will be presented in the form of a category tree.

“Relevanz” sorts all categories by relevance of search results. Because most of the products will be linked to numerous categories, you should at this point adjust the Kategorien beschränken auf attribute to your needs.

Tiefe der Unterkategorien:

If “Unsortiert” is picked, this parameter will dictate how deep the category tree will be displayed. The root category of the current tab (e.g. “German” for your German Shop and “English” for your English shop) will be ignored. Any other subcategories can be displayed.

At a value of 1 it would be categories like “Beach & Relax” or “Höhenluft & Abenteuer” in the demo shop.

At a value of2 the sub categories of the above mentioned categories would additionally be displayed.

If “Relevanz” is picked, the root category of the current tab will be ignored likewise. Different to the mode "Unsortiert", the here chosen value determines from which depth the shown result should come, because at this sort option no category tree is displayed.
At a value of 1 still categories like “Kochlust & Provence” would be returned in the demo shop.

At a value of 2 only sub categories (z.B. “Essen”) are displayed.
About the background: big shop systems stock goods that are linked to many categories. If the search results for categories would be sorted by relevance in the first place and displayed as a tree afterwards, huge trees, too big to be displayed in the search window, would be created.


Version 2.0.0

  • Fully functional now even without Smart Search
  • Compatibility with Shopware 5.6 established

Version 1.1.3

Solved redirection problems in sub-shops

Version 1.1.2

  • The default settings have been adjusted so that the plugin does not have to be configured after installation

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed english naming of Backend variables

Version 1.1.0

  • Depth of categories now as a range instead of a single value

Version 1.0.0

Initial version of the plugin 1.0.0

About the manufacturer

cusati media GmbH cusati media GmbH Shopware Solution Partner Shopware Solution Partner 5 Certifications Developer SW5 3 Developer Advanced SW5 1 Template Designer SW5 1 Template Developer SW5 0 Developer SW6 0 Developer Advanced SW6 0 Template Designer SW6 0 Template Designer Advanced SW6 0 12 Extensions 5 Ø Rating
Current version:


€ 98.99 *

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