cusati Category Tab for Articles

cusati Category Tab for Articles

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  • cusati media GmbH
  • 1.0.3
  • 4 Oct 2018
  • de_DE en_GB fr_FR
  • 5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.9
With this shrewd plugin you get the option to display an additional tab on the article detail... more

Product information


  • the plugin uses the space on the article detail page profitably by providing further information and scaling internal category links


  • all assigned categories of the article can be displayed
  • the tab can be named individually
  • internationalization: the tab can be translated and works even with several sub- and language shops!
  • show categories sorted by A-Z or Z-A


With this shrewd plugin you get the option to display an additional tab on the article detail page. This tab will hold a list of the article’s associated categories

We don’t accept borders, therefore we unite cross-selling and SEO potential in one extension. By its usage you make important internal links accessible to customers and search engines.

Imagine two scenarios. Really, take the time. One of them contains a really beautiful story!

Scenario 1: Shop for Print Cartridges

One cartridge fits into n printers. You want to show the suitable printers to every single cartridge. This is realizable in a practical and convenient way by incorporating the plugin. By entering the printers as single categories into Shopware you lay the foundation to display them in the added tab. Categories (aka printers) are linked directly in the tab. Your customers can 1) check if the cartridge will be suitable and 2) easily navigate to the printer they own and find more appropriate cartridges. 

The usage of this plugin especially makes sense when you sell articles that are often assigned to numerous categories. Because then you give your customers the option to browse and move to another category that could fit their needs, like in scenario 2.

Scenario 2: Shop for Coffee

A customer clicks on “Coffee from Peru” in the menu, decides to inspect one of the coffees in detail and therefore lands on the article detail of this package of coffee beans. He is sure to know what he likes and needs. But then in the tab “categories” he takes notice of the category “Coffee for fully automated coffee machines”. Let’s see what’s available for the machine at home… The customer dips into the category. He discovers a product from Italy. “La dolce vita”, he smiles and adds another package of coffee beans into his cart.  

Those linked categories furthermore pay into onpage SEO. 

The plugin is rated as excellent by us. Buy it! 

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Installation manual

1. Installation

Please buy the plugin and install it via the plugin manager. After the installation the plugin has to be activated and afterwards the shop cache (frontend and backend) has to be emptied. Furthermore, the Shopware SEO index should be rebuilt.

2. Configuration and Use

2.1 The Plugin Configuration

After installation, please open the plugin configuration.

Here you have the following configuration options per shop:

Plugin active

Should the tab be activated in this shop? This setting can be set individually for each sub/language shop.

Start category

In which category (and its subcategories) should the tab be displayed? The number of the root category can be found in the category tree. Example: General Settings - Category: Altitude & Adventure (System ID: 5). This setting can be set individually for each sub/language shop.

Sorting the categories

Sort by name in descending or ascending order. The default value is A-Z. This setting can be set individually for each sub/language shop.

Individual Category SEO URL Field
If you use other SEO plugins, they sometimes use a free text field such as xxxxxx_seo_url to generate the URL. This field can be selected instead of the Shopware standard.

The user-defined text field may have to be initialized using the user-defined text field management.

This setting can be set individually for each sub/language shop.

Maximum number of top categories to be displayed

The maximum number of categories that can be displayed. The default value is 30. This setting can be set individually for each sub/language shop.

Output short URL

The category URL is added directly to the base URL.

Whether this option works depends on how the settings in the Shopware standard SEO Router as well as in possibly installed third party SEO Plugins are set.

This setting can be set individually for each sub/language shop.

2.2 Translations/Internationalisation

Translations for language shops are possible very easily via Settings -> Text modules.
Please change here to: frontend/cusati_article_categories/main.


Version 1.0.3

- Optimized view loading- Bugfix backend options 

Version 1.0.2

Initial version for Community Store

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