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  • Cwb5639482352879f
  • customweb
  • 1.0.62
  • 14 May 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.8
wallee is a PCI compliant payment hub. This means you can integrate your preferred PSP via a... more

Product information

wallee is a PCI compliant payment hub. This means you can integrate your preferred PSP via a standardized interface.

Should you require to add on further payment methods, this is not an issue. Activate these directly in your wallee account. Apart from your payment processes, wallee also creates PDF documents for invoices which you can print via Cloud Printing.

Affordable Acceptance

Quickly and immediately accept the following and other payment methods in your shop at attractive conditions (https://app-wallee.com/pricing) and in the Collecting process via a contract.

  • Credit Card (VISA / MasterCard from 1.4%)
  • TWINT (1.3%)
  • ISR Payment Slips with automated dunning and automatic payment matching for Invoices and Prepayment
  • Secure Invoice in Germany / Switzerland / Austria
  • PostFinance E-Finance / PostFinance Card
  • iDEAL (0.9%)
  • Giropay (1.4%)
  • Sofort (0.9%)
  • Alipay
  • Bancontact (1.4%)
  • SEPA Debit (insecure) (10 ct)

Increase your conversion

The payment forms are completely integrated into the checkout (no forwarding to the payment page). All payment details are transferred directly to wallee and stored there securely. All sensitive credit card details are never stored on your server. Convince yourself by watching our demo.

One-Click Payment

Paying with just one click: The payment details of your customers are securely stored on wallee’s servers. This enables the returning customer to not have to enter their details again when proceeding to checkout.

Aside from the payment processes, wallee simplifies other tasks for you as a merchant. You are able to edit invoices through the integrated invoice editor or by editing them in your own terms. wallee has a complete dunning process, a Cloud Printing integration as well as an integration to Slack to inform you about failed payments.

You can find a detailed description about our features here on our features page

The plugin is made available for you free of charge.


wallee ist PCI level 1 compliant. This means that we can accept credit cards directly in your shop and process them directly in your shop without forwarding them to a payment page.


In order for your to be able to use the plugin, you will need the following:

  1. You need a wallee Account.
  2. This Shopware Plugin
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Absolut Top

16 Nov 2018

Sehr günstige Möglichkeit Zahlungsmittel aller Art zu integrieren. Die Jungs von customweb bieten einen hervorragenden und schnellen Support.
Ein Problem bei dem die E-Mails nicht vom Supshopshop sondern vom Hauptshop gesendet wurde, wurde innerhalb eines Tages behoben und das Plugin geupdatet. Absolut Top!


Installation manual


The plugin can be installed directly from the plugin manager in Shopware. Once you setup your wallee credentials the plugin willautomatically synchronize the payment methods and your settingsfrom wallee.

A step by step integration guide can be found on our github shopware page.

An extensive documentation about wallee and the setup of the services can be found on our Documentation Section.

In case this resources do not help you or you requrie additional information please do not hesitate to contact our Support or Sales Department.


Version 1.0.62

Update SDK to the latest version.

Version 1.0.59

Fix concurrency issues if the payment failed.

Version 1.0.58

- Update SDK to latest version.

- Disable charge retries of transactions.

Version 1.0.57

Fix bug preventing the download of documents.

Version 1.0.56

Update SDK to latest version.

Version 1.0.55

Allow processing of baskets with only shipping amount.

Version 1.0.53

Fix bug in webhook processing.

Version 1.0.51

Improve processing of webhook requests.

Version 1.0.50

Add compatibility to VIO.Negative Versandkosten plugin.

Version 1.0.49

Improve compatibility to Net Inventors EasyCoupon plugin.

Version 1.0.48

Add compatibility to Net Inventors EasyCoupon plugin.

Version 1.0.47

  • Add compatibility to Shopware 5.6.
  • Update SDK to latest version.

Version 1.0.46

Improve behavior of transaction timeouts while customer is in checkout.

Version 1.0.45

Collect device data to prevent fraud, to detect the user’s language and time zone.

Version 1.0.44

  • Change the order status if a transaction is voided.
  • Update the documentation.

Version 1.0.43

Add missing database indexes.

Version 1.0.40

Update SDK to latest version.

Version 1.0.39

- Fix bug leading to database integrity constraint violations.- Fix bug leading to order email being sent multiple times.

Version 1.0.37

Prevent integrity constraint violation.

Version 1.0.36

Fix concurrency issue leading to inconsistent order statuses.

Version 1.0.31

Do not set customer ID for guest checkouts.

Version 1.0.30

Fix a bug in payment method risk management.

Version 1.0.29

Improve handling of unavailable payment gateway server.

Version 1.0.28

Send order emails with template of correct subshop.

Version 1.0.27

Improve user information about failed order creation.

Version 1.0.25

Fix some bugs regarding error logging.

Version 1.0.24

Update documentation.

Version 1.0.23

Add settings to customize the order statuses for authorized and completed payment transactions.

Version 1.0.22

Fallback to payment page if javascript handler cannot be loaded.

Version 1.0.21

Improve performance of risk management.

Version 1.0.20

Add compatibility with Shopware 5.5.

Version 1.0.18

Fix a bug miscalculating the line items when the customer's country was tax free.

Version 1.0.17

Improve the webhook request processing controller and its error handling.

Version 1.0.16

  • Allow customers to download refund documents.
  • Update SDK to latest version.

Version 1.0.14

Add compatibility to Shopware 5.4.

Version 1.0.13

  • Improve recovery in case of errors.
  • Changes for updated resource handling.
  • Improve performance of risk management.
  • Bugfixes.

Version 1.0.12

Update wallee SDK to latest version.

Version 1.0.11

  • Send article variants as line item attributes to the payment gateway.
  • Make sure to scroll to the payment form if the validation of the entered data fails.

Version 1.0.10

  • Fix an issue leading to an empty cart instead of the thank you page.
  • Prevent the order email from being sent multiple times.
  • Update the wallee SDK to the latest version.

Version 1.0.9

  • Set the order's pending status on order creation.
  • Fix issues with unknown language codes.
  • Update wallee SDK to latest version.

Version 1.0.7

Improve handling of unknown language codes.

Version 1.0.6

  • Hide the payment form when it is empty.
  • Hide the payment methods that are not available to the customer.
  • Show the failure reason of a denied payment.
  • Update the customer information in the shop with the data entered during the payment process.
  • Show a loading indicator in the transaction tab in the backend.
  • Allow to update transaction information manually in the backend.

Version 1.0.4

  • Add the option to delete the order after its payment has failed.
  • Improved javascript inclusion for Shopware 5.3 compatibility.

Version 1.0.3

Updated to latest shopware version

Version 1.0.0

Updated to latest shopware version

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