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  • 1.7.16
  • 14 Mar 2019
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Collect and publish reviews from your clients with the trusted third-party Verified Reviews.... more

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Collect and publish reviews from your clients with the trusted third-party Verified Reviews. 
Why choose us ? 
With Verified Reviews, you can now enjoy : 
- A full tailor-made solution 
- Packages including the collect of both website and product reviews 
- Unbeatable prices-The best feedback rate of the market 
- Great facebook applications - A certificate of authenticity 
- Stars in Adwords thanks to our partnership with Google 

By posting consumers reviews on your website, you will gain more visibility, credibility and give a trustworthy image to internet users. You will attract more visitors and ultimately gain them as new clients. 
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Version 1.7.16

Important security update 

Version 1.7.15

V 1.7.15- Remove review date double quote

Version 1.7.14

V 1.7.14- Replacing timestamp by Date Format

Version 1.7.13

=== 1.7.13 ===

Release date : 2019-01-18 - fix getting firstname / lastname data

Version 1.7.12

V1.7.12add flag / deflag option

Version 1.7.11

Fix getOrderStatus()->getName() function

Version 1.7.10

Fix deprecated function (status->getDescription)

Version 1.7.9

correction error css

Version 1.7.8

Corrections about design & cache

Version 1.7.7

move floatting widget from header to footer

Version 1.7.6

Add reviews medias photos

Version 1.7.5

V 1.7.5- Replace images by fonts- Fix getOrders images paths

Version 1.7.4

- Fix IE compatibility
- Fix Mozilla compatibility helpful feature

Version 1.7.3

fix show hide comment feature bellow reviews

Version 1.7.2

V 1.7.2- Fix upgrade function to add column in database

Version 1.7.1

fix upgrade plugin function

Version 1.7.0

add helpful feature (yes / no)

Version 1.6.2

fix multiple sku ajax load
clean css & js

Version 1.6

Fix css
Fix reviews controller

Version 1.5

New product reviews design

Version 1.3

Adding mandatory informations

Version 1.2.24

clean general source code

Version 1.2.23

Adding truncate feature

Version 1.2.22

Adding first export feature

Version 1.2.21

Add first orders export feature

Version 1.2.20

Fix compatibility for new Shopware version

Version 1.2.19

Version 1.2.18

Version 1.2.17

Version 1.2.15

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Support by Verified Reviews

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