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EMS Online

EMS Online

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  • 1.4.0
  • 6 Aug 2021
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EMS helps entrepreneurs with the best, smartest and most efficient payment systems. Both in your... more

Product information

EMS helps entrepreneurs with the best, smartest and most efficient payment systems. Both in your physical store and online in your webshop. With a wide range of payment methods you can serve every customer.

Why EMS?

Via the EMS website you can create a free test account online 24/7 and try out the online payment solution. EMS's online solution also offers the option of sending payment links and accepting QR payments.

The ideal online payment page for your webshop:

Free test account - available online 24/7

Wide range of payment methods

Easy integration via a plug-in or API

Free shopping cart plug-ins

Payment page in the look & feel of your webshop

Reports in the formats CAMT.053, MT940S, MT940 & CODA

One clear dashboard for all your payment, turnover data and administration functions

Available payment methods

Read, write and discuss reviews... more

Customer reviews

Installation manual

1. Open tab Configuration>Plugin Manager or use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+ALT+P". 

* Open the 'Installed' menu option, and find the 'uninstalled' section. 
* There find Ginger Payments and click the button 'Install plugin'. 
* Put your API key in the next opened window and choice the CaCert option (by default is activated). 
* Choice CaCert option (by default is activated). 
* Are you offering Klarna on your payment page? In that case, enter the following fields:
* Test API key field. Copy the API Key of your test webshop in the Test API key field. When your Klarna application is approved an extra test webshop was created for you to use in your test with Klarna. The name of this webshop starts with ‘TEST Klarna’.
* Klarna IP For the payment method Klarna you can choose to offer it only to a limited set of whitelisted IP addresses. You can use this for instance when you are in the testing phase and want to make sure that Klarna is not available yet for your customers. If you do not offer Klarna you can leave the Test API key and Klarna debugs IP fields empty.
* Are you offering Afterpay on your payment page?
* To allow AfterPay to be used for any other country just add its country code (in ISO 2 standard) to the "Countries available for AfterPay" field. Example: BE, NL, FR.
* See the instructions for Klarna.
* Then click Activate, to turn on the plugin.
2. Open tab Configuration>Payment Methods. There you can find the payment method that you want to use. By default all payment after installation is disabled. To set payment as active:
* Choice payment from the list of all payment methods.
* In opened form search checkbox with label Active and turn it on.
* Click Save Button 
* In the bottom part of the form 
3. Once the modules are installed you can offer the payment methods in your webshop.


Version 1.4.0

* Refactored code to handle GPE solution. 

* Unified bank labels to handle GPE solution.

* Applied improvements from WooCommerce support.

* Updated methods to provide custom form for Afterpay birthday field after Shopware version update.

* Fixed bug with empty API settings field. 

* Fixed Select Ideal Issuer form on checkout page and in backend after Shopware version update.

* Fixed Webhook functionality, when in response retrieved message that the route is missing after Shopware version update.

* Fixed Test API Key button on plugin settings page after Shopware version update.

* Fixed Payment Keeper for Afterpay Country Validation and IP Filtering.

* Fixed issue when exception logged twice, when only once expected.

* Fixed SalesChannelSwitch errors, which occurs outside the checkout page.

* Fixed CaptureOrder Subscriber wrong event calls.

* Added check to CaptureOrder Subscriber to handle calls only from ginger plugins.

* Added new Gateways for handling custom bank functionality requests.

* Added keeping payments in case when invalid API Key entered.

* Added Afterpay phone number custom field on checkout page. 

* Added supporting for Edit Order page, which loaded when customer try to complete the cancelled order.

* Replaced ‘reason’ by ‘customer_message’.

* Implemented AfterMergeTest using PHPUnit extension to check GPE solution on step GitHub actions.

* Implemented CreateOrderTest using PHPUnit extension to check that latest changes doesn't crash the main functionality.

* Implemented AsyncPaymentFinalizeException in case when order after pay attempt setts with status ‘error’.

* Implemented GingerFeaturesCheck and GingerPaymentMethodRepositoryWorker traits to provide reusing code for checking availability in other places in the plugin.

Version 1.3.0

* Updates and fixes based on Shopware 6 guidelines.

* Added Test API Key button to the settings page.

* Added Afterpay birthday validation.

About the manufacturer

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