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  • epoq internet services GmbH
  • 1.1.7
  • 29 May 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
Information About the Personalization Plugin With the epoq personalization plugin, you can... more

Product information


  • Lower bounce rate
  • Reduction of the return rate
  • Increase in shopping cart value
  • Raise the repurchase rate
  • Improve traffic


  • epoq Search: Fault tolerance, thesaurus, autosuggest, faceted navigation, systematic ...
  • epoq Advise: Picking up customers, determining requirements, recommending products, initiating a purchase ...
  • epoq Inspire: Cross-selling, up-selling, checkout zone, alternatives, product set ...
  • epoq Stream: Type-related content, relevant content suggestions, personalized product recommendations, interactive product finders...
  • epoq Connect: Personalized newsletters, follow-up emails, transactional emails, trigger emails ...


Information About the Personalization Plugin

With the epoq personalization plugin, you can generate a knowledge base for your online business - this forms the heart of personalization of the digital customer journey of your online shoppers.

The knowledge base enables epoq's intelligent algorithms to start their learning process and, through the development of artificial intelligence (AI), to establish 1:1 communication with your customers in your online shop. The AI acts as a digital salesperson and communicates with your online customers in a similar way to the specialist salesperson in traditional retail stores. To build up the knowledge base, epoq requires the following modules, which you can transfer via the personalization plugin:

  • the full import of your product catalogue

  • the click and purchase behavior of your online shoppers

Advantages of the epoq Personalization Plugin

The epoq personalization plugin offers you the option of transmitting your product catalogue and implementing the tracking code to monitor click and purchase behavior in your online shop. The tracking code is automatically integrated via our flow file on every page of your online shop. No manual integration effort is required ensuring problems with integration are automatically avoided.

Since the epoq personalization plugin is the integration basis for all epoq products, you can trigger the integration of the entire epoq suite and thus the personalization of your entire digital customer journey with just one plugin.

Overview of epoq Products

The epoq products can be deployed as individual modules or in their entirety via the epoq suite:

epoq Search - intelligent search optimization that provides critical orientation for your online shoppers and navigates them to the desired product. This enables you to reduce your bounce rate in a targeted manner >> https://www.epoq.de/en/suite/guide/

epoq Advise - the digital product advisor that engages customers by using guided selling to reduce your returns by offering your online shoppers the right products >> https://www.epoq.de/en/suite/advise/

epoq Inspire - provides customers with targeted, relevant recommendations that inspire your online shoppers and increase your shopping cart value >> https://www.epoq.de/en/suite/inspire/

epoq Stream - the personalized shopping area for each individual customer in the online shop, which promotes customer loyalty and ensures an increased repeat purchase rate >> https://www.epoq.de/en/suite/personalized-shopping-area/


epoq Connect - the personalized email that creates a connection to your online shoppers and ensures they have the motivation and desire to return regularly to your shop >> https://www.epoq.de/en/suite/connect/


Important to Note

The epoq personalization plugin can only be used within the framework of an epoq contract. If you have not yet booked an epoq product for the personalization of your digital customer journey, please contact epoq:

epoq internet services GmbH

Willy-Brandt-Str. 3

76275 Ettlingen


Tel. 07243 2001 0


Arrange a Web Demo

If you would like more information about our personalization of the digital customer journey, please arrange a free web demo with epoq >> https://www.epoq.de/en/contact/

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Installation manual

You can get your epoq tenant ID directly from your contact person at epoq. She also tells you whether you need to activate flow tracking, how the customer ID should be generated and which IDs must be set for the recommendations.

Further information on configuration is available at >> https://wiki.conexco.com/epoq/latest/konfiguration-35521085.html

The Javascript included in the plugin reloads a Javascript extension from epoq specially adapted for your shop. This extension ensures that the shop search is replaced by a customized version of epoq. It also reloads the recommendation sliders that contain individual products for the customer.

So that epoq can read your products via the Shopware API, you have to tell your contact person the API key of the automatically created epoq user from the backend. You can find this under Settings -> User management -> epoq-api -> API key


Version 1.1.7

first version for the community store

Version 1.1.6

first version for the community store

Version 1.1.5

First release in the Shopware Community Store

Version 1.1.4

initial release in the shopware store

Version 1.1.3

First release Shopware Community Store

Version 1.1.2

initial release of the plugin

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Current version:


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