FINDOLOGIC Search & Navigation for Shopware 5.2

FINDOLOGIC Search & Navigation for Shopware 5.2

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Support by FINDOLOGIC GmbH

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  • 6.0.2
  • 18 Jul 2018
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from FINDOLOGIC GmbH
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
Important Notice! This plugin is compatible with Shopware Version 5.3 and newer . It supports... more

Product information

Important Notice!

This plugin is compatible with Shopware Version 5.3 and newer. It supports API as integration method. If your shop is running on an older Shopware version, please install the FINDOLOGIC Search & Navigation plugin.

Company Presentation FINDOLOGIC


Get the fully integrated shopping experience in your online store!
Our open and modular platform with intelligent search, navigation, merchandising, shopping guide, 1:1 personalization, analytics, as well as our high-performance user interface, offers everything via lean integration. Put your users in focus and separate yourself from the competition with us.


With FINDOLOGIC Personalization you now have a specifically optimized store for every target group.


The search function represents the most important sales tool in your online store. Our algorithm, which has been refined for over 10 years, lets your customers really find what they are looking for on a 1:1 personalized basis. At the outset of their search, our Smart Suggest offers an intelligent drop-down to give your users the fastest possible orientation. Especially for mobile users.


Your users will see the most relevant products via your online store globally at any point during the customer journey. With 1:1 personalization and our sophisticated merchandising. Provide a fully-integrated, high-performance, consistent and personalized user experience across all category pages.


Use the intuitive FINDOLOGIC backend with our specially developed tools for compact and efficient sales and onsite marketing controls.

Shopping Guide:

As part of a shopping advisor campaign, ask your users smart questions that a salesperson from a stationary branch store would also ask. Thus your users will find the right product quickly and easily.

Our references:

„Revenue increased by 46% in our Magento-shop with FINDOLOGIC!“ - Shop4Runners
„FINDOLOGIC expanded the search to become a powerful on-site merchandising tool!“ - Design Bestseller
„Conversion-Rate increased by 20% with FINDOLOGIC!“ - Adler Mode
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Customer reviews

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Works really well

4 Sep 2017

Both the plugin itself, as well as the underlying search engine work really well.

Installation and setup was a matter of a few minutes. Configuring all features of FINDOLOGIC admittedly took a few minutes more, but the search was ready to go and delivered precise results right from the start.

4 Sep 2017

Dear Marko,

thank you for your dedicated feedback!
We're looking forward to guide your users with measurable best FINDABILITY within your store. Especially on mobile devices.

Sunny regards from Salzburg,

Awesome search engine

13 Jul 2017

Considering if I need another search engine then default one, I've came across this plugin and decided to give it a try.

Smart suggest which is in essence auto-suggest usual feature, is working ultra fast and has many configurable options. So great functionality. We can avoid overwhelming customers with too much irrelevant info or too many steps to reach a desired item. You have control on everything there, what to show and how to show, even is possible to restyle it, emphasize something etc right from this tool.

Thinking of how people are impatient to find what they are looking for, I found this one of a great help.


Magic is real!

12 Jul 2017

Maybe it sounds silly, but FINDOLOGIC (Suche) API by FINDOLOGIC opened our shop to a world.
Plugin code solutions shaped into Shopware's elegant shell, provide to you, as a end user or determined developer, numerous possibilities. Manage your items appearance, filter just what you can imagine and have results served to you in a pinpoint of a second.
Simplicity of a code in a combination with powerful engine behind the scene makes this plugin a great tool in Shopware!


Installation manual

Important notice!

This plugin is compatible with Shopware Version 5.2.x. It supports only one of FINDOLOGIC's integration methods, namely API.   If your shop is running on a newer Shopware version, please install the FINDOLOGIC Search & Navigation plugin.


The Shopware 5 API plugin installation procedure is basically the same as for any other Shopware 5 plugin. It can be summed up in a few simple steps:

Installing the Plugin

  • Plugin content needs to uploaded into custom/plugins folder
  • After this, in Admin panel click on Configuration → Plugin Manager
  • In the left side menu, click on Installed
  • Plugin should be listed in the uninstalled plugins
  • Click on the plugin green circle to install it
  • Then you will be promted to clear cache, click Yes
  • Then click on Activate button

Configure the Plugin

  • In Configuration tab configurate the plugin at least with the FINDOLOGIC access credentials.
  • Activate plugin for this Shop?: Activates/deactivates the plugin for an specific subshop
  • Shopkey: Shopkey, provided by FINDOLOGIC (can be found in the FINDOLOGIC customer account in the menu item "Master data")
  • FINDOLOGIC/Service URL: Service-URL, provided by FINDOLOGIC (can be found in the FINDOLOGIC customer account in the menu item "Master data")
  • Number of records per export step: How many articles are exported at one export step (depended on the server performance/speed)
  • Number of articles per page (seperate multiple items with semicolon ";"): Set the number of search results per page. If you specify more than one value, the users can choose among these values themselves.
  • Display category navigation on top: Displays category navigation filter at the top (instead of left)
  • FINDOLOGIC is present on category page: Activate/deactivate the FINDOLOGIC navigation
  • Display branding?: Display or hide (only if this has been contractually agreed) the Logo
  • Search result Logo: Set one of our officially logos to display
  • Use the following date for article sorting: Use the creationdate or releasedate for the article age (used by sorting "new" articles)
  • ID of thumbnail-size: Set up an thumbnail size for the exported product images
  • Export subfolder (without leading slash "/"): Set up an export directory if needed (e. g. file permissions)
  • After you fill this form, click Save
  • Finally, shop's cache must be cleared

Export Settings

  • To finalize the configuration it is necessary to set up the export in the FINDOLOGIC customer account.
  • Export URL: The Export-URL is like: SHOP_URL/FinExportAPI/Export
  • The correct CSV filename can be found at the last export step, this can be triggered like SHOP_URL/FinExportAPI/Export/start/10000000
  • There are an output like File/export/findologic_1_de_de.csv


Version 6.0.2

  • The FINDOLOGIC logo in the plugin description will be loaded from our CDN.

Version 6.0.1

Search terms containing special characters will be displayed correctly

Version 6.0.0

Caution: This release breaks the compatibility with previous versions, upgrade only if you know what you are doing.

We highly discourage non-techies from updating the plugin on their own. Due to the new structure (see "Structural changes") it won't be obvious where to move eventually existing customizations.

Also the export URL changed from /FinSearchAPI/export to /FinExportAPI/export.

Which means that in case you updated the plugin without making the required configuration changes in our backend, we won't be able to guarantee that the exported product data is up-to-date.

Structural changes:

Code parts have been split up into separate components in favor of more readable, easier to debug and more stable code. Which is why this release isn't backward compatible.


Added support for Shopware 5.4.x

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed redirect to a product's detail page on a direct hit
  • Fixed issue with categories in the Smart Suggest containing slashes
  • Fixed styling issues for filters, dropdowns etc. on result pages
  • Fixed issue that range sliders would never be rendered
  • Fixed issue with product box layout configuration being ignored

Version 5.03.07

  • Fixed infinite scrolling for Shopware 5.3.x

Version 5.03.06

  1. Fixed "No active variation found" issue when getting article prices
  2. Fixed alignment for promotion images
  3. Fixed encoding issue with special characters for export
  4. Fixed dropdown on plugin's config page for FINDOLOGIC logos
  5. Removed promotions from category pages
  6. Minor improvements

Changes for Shopware 5.3

  1. Fixed issue with getting product streams for export
  2. Fixed search form according to new requirements
  3. Fixed JS issues when loaded asynchronously
  4. Fixed styling issues
  5. Fixed issue with page size dropdown

Version 5.03.05

  • Fixed issue which appeared when the FINDOLOGIC snippet was loaded in custom templates
  • Improved performance when building color filters with images and fallback colors
  • Faulty data won't break the export anymore but any issues will be logged accordingly

Version 5.03.04

  1. jQuery is not included anymore since it already comes with Shopware
  2. Configuration can be set to show a product's detail page on a direct hit
  3. Minor improvements

Version 5.03.03

  • Fixed PHP type error on category pages without selected filters
  • Fixed a bug which overwrote Shopware's core configurations

Version 5.03.02

  • Response in the last export step, now satisfies the FINDOLOGIC requirements
  • Fixed bug which prevented the export of out-of-stock products
  • Current shop's language is considered when performing an export

Version 5.03.01

  • Fixed bug which caused export to break when supplier id was missing
  • Fixed bug which broke vendor links when plugin was activated
  • User's IP will be submitted for navigation requests
  • Plugin will exit as early as possible when it shouldn't handle category pages
  • Added configuration options which allows out-of-stock products to be exported
  • Variation prices will be considered for export
  • Filter names are solely provided by FINDOLOGIC

Version 5.02.36

  • Chosen values from a select filter will be flagged as selected
  • Ensures backward compatibility by checking if ProductStreams feature is available
  • Fixed issue with database connection

Version 5.02.35

Version 5.02.34

* Fixed error with older PHP versions

* Fixed issue with "no-image" not being exported

* Fixed issue with exported attributes

* Breadcrumbs removed from result page

* Fixed problem with exporting article-category-assignments

* Fixed issue with doubled rendering of FINDOLOGIC-Smart Suggest and Shopware autocomplete

Version 5.02.33

Version 5.02.32

About the manufacturer

FINDOLOGIC GmbH FINDOLOGIC GmbH Shopware Technology Partner Shopware Technology Partner 2 Extensions 4.5 Ø Rating



Support by FINDOLOGIC GmbH

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