Template variables for documents - supplier numbers

Template variables for documents - supplier numbers

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  • gb media
  • 1.0.2
  • 21 Jun 2017
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 4.0.0
    4.0.7 – 4.0.8
    4.1.0 – 4.1.4
    4.2.0 – 4.2.4
    4.3.0 – 4.3.7
This plugin extension allows you to integrate the supplier number generated by Shopware... more

Product information

This plugin extension allows you to integrate the supplier number generated by Shopware documents (eg. invoices). The supplier number is represented in the template with $position.meta.supplierNumber.

Attention: This plugin needs the free basic plugin "Template variables for documents" which provides the base funtionality.

This plugin does not work without the basic plugin!

Important notice

The basis of our development work is a standard installation of shopware. We can not guarantee the perfect functioning of our plugins in conjunction with other Shopware plugins.

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Installation manual

The plugin can be easily and conveniently installed using the Plugin Manager (to be found under Settings > Plugin Manager).

If you do not find the plugin in the Plugin Manager, you can download it on your Shopware account (https://account.shopware.com/#/licenses). How it works: http://store.shopware.com/ihr-weg-zum-plugin

Code (eg. for invoice documents/index.tpl):

{block name="document_index_table_name"}

<td align="left" width="48%" valign="top">

{if $position.name == 'shipping costs'}

{s name="DocumentIndexPositionNameShippingCosts"}{$position.name}{/s}


{s name="DocumentIndexPositionNameDefault"}{$position.name|nl2br}{/s}


{if strlen($position.meta.supplierNumber)}

<br />{s name="detail/settings/supplier_number" namespace="backend/article/view/main"}{/s}: {$position.meta.supplierNumber}





Version 1.0.2

Version 1.0.1

- Umstellung der Templatevariable und Template hinzugefügt für Basis-Plugin ab v1.0.3

Version 1.0.0

Diese Plugin ist nur bis Version 4.3.7 nötig.

About the manufacturer

gb media gb media 2 Certifications Developer SW5 0 Developer Advanced SW5 0 Template Designer SW5 0 Template Developer SW5 0 Developer SW6 1 Developer Advanced SW6 1 Template Designer SW6 0 Template Designer Advanced SW6 0 55 Extensions 5 Ø Rating
Current version:


€ 9.95 *

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