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Product information as hotspots / tooltips

Product information as hotspots / tooltips

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The hotspot plug-in enables you to add individual hotspot markings to a selected image in the... more

Product information


  • Hotspots
  • Tooltips
  • Interactive product information


The hotspot plug-in enables you to add individual hotspot markings to a selected image in the detail view and to display detailed product descriptions using tooltips. In this way you make your online shop even more attractive and offer the customer the opportunity to access interactive product information.


You can find detailed instructions here.

Important NOTE:

Our development work is based on a standard installation of Shopware. If you use plugins from other providers (third-party providers and Shopware Premium Plugins) in your webshop, please test our plugins in the test versions offered in advance for compatibility in your webshop. We cannot guarantee that our plugins will function properly in conjunction with other Shopware plugins.

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Version 1.0.0

- First release Shopware Community Store

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