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Clothes and Accessories Shop Theme | GoodDay

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Clothes and Accessories Online Shop

The Clothes & Accessories theme, designed for the clothing and accessories industry is distinguished by its nice and simple design and warm colours. The whole template is pleasing to the eye, 100 % responsive and has been created for the special needs of the fashion industry. An additional zoom on the images highlights the exceptional nature of the presented products and allows customers to see the details of your products.

Practical sticky menu and go-up-button of the template will make sure that the buyer does not get lost while watching the products and that he can proceed to a different category or top of the page at any time. The sticky menu can be used in two ways:

  • header and the top bar are moving
  • header without the top bar is moving

It is possible in the header or footer of the page to activate or deactivate such elements as phone number, email address, link and text, social media redirects, copyright text.

The template is adapted to all listing options offered by Shopware.

In the listing, there is also a possibility to add a text or title to the main image.

Special features of the Clothes template

Extra features:

  • Google tracking
  • Facebook Pixel

Shopping Worlds features:

In the Category teasers element, there are three different ways to display the category name:

  • bottom-expand - the name is displayed in the lower part, after hovering background animations are expanding to the top
  • centre - the name is displayed in the central part, line animation
  • bottom - the name is displayed in the lower part, line animation

In addition, we can choose the background colour that appears behind our text and the colour of the text itself.

By hovering over the image in the Blog element a plus sign animation appears. While hovering over the image element in the Product element, the shadow of it appears, which makes the element seems to be more "alive". Remember that animation increase the probability of attracting the attention of the customer!

Moreover, the theme has two additional SW Banner elements. Hovering on the images of the banner- text, prices, titles will appear. Further, you have different animation effects to choose from.

What’s more, for those who decide to choose this layout we’re also offering a free plugin which allows you to install some sample data and a full configuration as presented on the demo shop. This makes the whole experience much easier for those who are beginning their journey with the Shopware system.

There are two files to choose from, one in the German version and the other in the English version:



Note! Do not install the ClothesShop add-on directly in the finished shop. There is a risk that the data may be lost. Only suitable for testing! It is recommended to make a copy of the database.

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Version 1.0.0

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€ 98.00 *

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