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This Plugin makes it possible for your client to generate a PDF document after finishing his... more

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  • This Plugin makes it possible for your client to generate a PDF document after finishing his order
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Custom PDF Order Plugin | GoodDay

Both you and your customers would like to receive an immediate confirmation of the purchases. With this plugin in the last step of the order, the client will have a possibility to generate a PDF document. It could be an order confirmation, invoice or another document. It’s up to you, because you are the one, who can choose the document, which should be available for your customers. While your client is downloading the document, the same one is automatically generated for you in the backend of your store.

How to use Custom PDF Order Plugin

Proceed to the "Configuration" tab. To let your customer see the "Print your order confirmation" button, please set the "Display PDF download button" (1) to "yes". Then you can choose the type of the document template, that your customer is going to download (2). If you want to help your customer quickly identify the downloaded PDFs add a name or any text before the actual name of the PDF document. Therefor add your text into the "File name" (3), then klick "Save".

In addition, you can also set your personal template for the PDF document. For this purpose, please add into the field "Template" (4) the name of your document with the ending ".tpl", just like in our case it is the "test.tpl". Make sure, that your "test.tpl" is located in the "the_name_of_your_template/documents" folder.

After a PDF document is made available to your customer, the same document is automatically generated for you (5).

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Version 1.0.1

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Version 1.0

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