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Händlerbund Legal Text for Shopware 6

Händlerbund Legal Text for Shopware 6

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  • Händlerbund Management AG
  • 2.3.3
  • 30 Jul 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – –
Be on the safe side with the Händlerbund Interface for Legal Texts Legal texts such as terms &... more

Product information

Be on the safe side with the Händlerbund Interface for Legal Texts

Legal texts such as terms & conditions, right of withdrawal and publication details / website legal notices which are deficient hold the risk of costly written warnings from competitors. The Händlerbund Interface for Legal Texts helps you to protect yourself from such letters. The legal experts of Händlerbund are specialized for e-commerce law and provide you with audited legal text – for your web shop or your business on more than 40 trading platforms. Of course we do accept liability for the legal texts provided by us (Händlerbund). By monitoring the legal situation and recent court decisions our legal experts take care for the legal texts’ relevance to the current legal situation. The Händlerbund Interface for Legal Texts allows you to update the terms and conditions, cancellation policies, etc. on your web shop with a few clicks through the member section on the Händlerbund website. Besides the legal texts service Hänblerbund provides numerous extensive service to its members. Thereby you can optimize your online business and make it legally safe. 

Benefits of the Händlerbund Interface for Legal Texts (depending on membership-status)

  • Assistance with written warnings, free of charge in all judicial instances
  • Retroactive assistance possible, even if it is caused by negligence
  • Quick and competent legal advice regarding your web shop
  • A personal contact partner available by phone or e-mail
  • Comprehensive review of your web shop with a personal legal advisor
  • “Käufersiegel” customer review seal for unlimited number of web shops
  • Seal of approval “Käufersiegel” creates trust in your web shop

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Use the discount code P434#M2#2012 and get 3 months of Händlerbund Membership in the first year for free! 

Please note: You need a Händlerbund Membership package to be able to use the Händlerbund Interface for Legal Texts. If you are not a member yet, find the package that suits you best and become a Händlerbund Member here:

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26 Aug 2020

Macht was es soll und ist einfach einzurichten. Das was man sich als Kunde wünscht! DANKE


Installation manual


An access token is required for access to the legally secure documents. The token is available to the owner of a membership package (member of Händlerbund) in the member area ( There the legal texts can be individually adapted and configured.

Furthermore, an online shop instance based on Shopware 6 and the Händlerbund Legal Texts plugin are required.

The plugin can be downloaded from the Shopware 6 store ( or as a .zip file from the Händlerbund Marketplace ( The following describes the installation using a .zip file in a shop configured in english.


To upload plugins, navigate as follows: Settings -> System -> Plugins

Select and confirm the .zip file via the [Upload Plugin] button. Then install the plugin via [...] and then activate it.

The plugin now appears in the main menu under Content on the left side and in the list of installed plugins. 

Uninstalling and deleting the plugin is done at the same place.


Fill in the field for the access token with the access token for Händlerbund legal texts and then [Save token]. The access token must be stored correctly and in the correct form. (copy & paste)

The texts to be updated can be selected via the check boxes in the list of available legal texts (configured in the Händlerbund member area). The button [Update legal texts] updates the selected legal texts in the Shopware 6 layouts.

Contents -> Shopping Experiences -> German

To display the texts on the pages of the online shop correctly, the shop pages must be configured in the usual way for Shopware. 

Händlerbund legal texts can also be used for shop master data.

Settings -> Shop -> Master data

Have fun and a secure feeling with Händlerbund legal texts!


Version 2.3.3


  • initialisation of the configuration
  • description text
  • error in the code analysis regarding the use of a function without referencing

Version 2.3.2


  • language support FR, PL, ES, IT, NL, AR

Version 2.3.1


  • Compatibility with Shopware v6.4+
  • Fixed problem with automatic updating of master data

  • Plugin configuration in all versions now under "Content"

Version 2.3.0


  • edit token
  • comprehensive logging


  • automated updates


  • query execution method in migration

Version 2.2.1


  • composer version 2 compatibility 

Version 2.2.0


  • Logging according to Shopware standards


  • Change legal text api connector to public repository
  • Version history
  • Changelog format


  • Bug with deep category trees

Version 2.1.0


  • support for B2B legal texts


  • improve performance by reducing API requests
  • installation routine adapted to Shopware version 6.3+


  • list of available legal texts and their status

Version 2.0.1


  • layouts are manually updated with legal texts (in basic information Händlerbund legal texts can be used)
  • no preselection of inactive checkboxes

Version 2.0.0


  • multistore support
  • detailed output of configuration states


  • texts are no longer stored in layouts but in categories


  • save button deactivated when token field is empty
  • automatic updating of only completely configured texts

Version 1.1.0


  • automatic update of legal texts every 24 hours
  • switch for activating the automatic update
  • Batix cache connection


  • button for save token disfunctional as long as token field isn't activated


  • error with empty token field
  • failure to uninstall for configured categories
  • Translation errors
  • comments removed from program code

Version 1.0.0

All information about the features can be found in the description.

About the manufacturer

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