XML Order-Export and Integration

XML Order-Export and Integration

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
Expected release: Sep 2020
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  • HPr8103738219186
  • Windeit Software GmbH
  • 3.7.1
  • 23 Sep 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.20 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.9
The plugin enables you to export orders by events, cli or cronjob. So you can save the order in... more

Product information

The plugin enables you to export orders by events, cli or cronjob. So you can save the order in your desired XML-format as file or send it to an REST-API or as email to an external dropshipping-service or to your ERP-system.
With an own XSLT-template you can not only export in openTRANS (1.0 and 2.1) but also in every XML-Format. To extend the order-model with your own data, you can use different events provided by the plugin.

The plugin is optimiced for intergration-scenerios and simple dropshipping-solutions.

You can find a documentation (only as german version) to this plugin in the plugin-folder in documentation/.

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Customer reviews

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Das Plugin sowie der Support sind herrvorragend!

27 Aug 2020

Das Plugin ist super! Das Erstellen einer eigenen XSLT Vorlage ist nicht so schwierig, da es bereits sehr gute Vorlagen gibt. Man kann das Plugin also sehr schnell einsetzen. Wir benutzen es täglich und es funktioniert bisher ohne Probleme. Der Support von Windeit ist grandios! Mehr geht nicht. So macht Shopware Spaß! Danke dafür!


Super Plugin für den Export von Kundendaten und Bestellungen zur Übermittlung in das ERP-System

25 Nov 2019

Bestellungen können nach einer individuellen XSLT exportiert werden. Es ist sogar möglich wieder DB Tables abzufragen und diese entsprechend zu kombinieren. Top Plugin!


Installation manual

For this plugin and each new version you should run tests on an own test-/staging-system!


Version 3.7.1

Fixed problem with double exports for Shopware version 5.6+ in combination with the plugin backend orders.

Version 3.7.0

Added support for the plugin backend orders from Shopware AG.

Version 3.6.2

Fix export of variants with alternative suppliers

Version 3.6.1

Value in orderTimeSimple field corrected

Version 3.6.0

Use configured file name for e-mail attachments.

Note: The file name of the email attachment will change. Please check before installation, if processes using the email attachment need to be changed as well.

Version 3.5.4

Fix on reading config of subshops.

Version 3.5.3

Fix CLI command options evaluation

Version 3.5.2

Fix content of exported file

Version 3.5.1

Fixed a bug in the build process.

Version 3.4.0

Upload to sFTP server added.

Version 3.2.0

Splitting orders by supplier. Improved shopaddress handling of languageshops.

Improved the plugin-configuration with buttons as separators.

Please test this version (it contains many changes) on your staging-system befor you deploy it to your production-system!

Version 2.4.1

Fixed the current JTL-XSLT.

Version 2.4.0

Filename is editable via a Smarty-snippet.

Version 2.3.1

Fixed possible problem with cron.

Version 2.3.0

Improved shop postial adress.

Version 2.2.5

fix for potential nullpointer exception.

Version 2.2.4

If shop-adress of the shop is empty, fallback to global shop-adress.

Version 2.2.2

Imporved exception-handling on shop attribute-fields.

Version 2.2.1

Improved attribute-fields of shops. Added a PDF with the technical documentation to the plugin (in the documentation/ folder).

Version 2.1.0

Export voucher information with order-position.

Version 2.0.4

Improved export logging

Version 2.0.3

CLI --exportall fixed

Version 2.0.2

Small fix and improved SCP-upload logging.

Version 2.0.1

A small fix and improved SCP-upload logging.

Version 2.0.0

Added event HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_XML_saved for post-save processing auf the XML-file.Added SCP-Upload to copy the XML-file to an other server after saving (requires the ssh2 extension of PHP).

Version 1.8.2

fixes and fallback to the tmp-folder on email-push.

Version 1.8.0

Article-attributes are exportable now.

Version 1.7.0

Using the order-history for changes. Export null-values and customer-attributes.

Version 1.6.0

2 step export (open to reserved, open to in process).

Version 1.5.6

Improved logging of SQL-error for additional tables.

Version 1.5.5

You should test this version on a test- or staging-system, befor deploying it on a productive system!
Many fixes and improvements. You can set an adress for the shop. Joiniing data from other database-tables (that are joinable with the s_orders table). New XML-Templates were added.

Version 0.4.4

The And-character is no problem for the basic XML-document anymore.

Version 0.4.3

CronJob fix. Shopware 5.5 tested.

Version 0.4.2

openTRANS 2.1 customerNumber Fix in the template.

Version 0.4.1

Pushing the XML-content as FORM-data via POST to an API.

Street and houseno as streetSimple and housenr in model.

Version 0.3.5

Added cronjob.Push-by-mail.TaxFree can be rendered as a tax of 0.00%. Position-prices aren't always gross anymore (is now configable).

Version 0.3.1

XSLT replaces PHP-code. Save on API and backend actions. Attr-fields export-format was changed.Added UDX.EDI-block to get event and source, that caused the export.

Version 0.2.13

Check export-path with writeable

Version 0.2.12

Fixed the status-change via API

Version 0.2.11

Fixes in openTRANS 1.0 attr-export

Version 0.2.8

You can export all attribute-fields via openTRANS

Version 0.2.7

Fix for "states" and added events:

- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_ot1_created_address_additionallines
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_ot21_created_xml
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_ot1_created_xml
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_ot1_created_party
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_ot21_created_party

- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_updated_orderstatus
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_created_model
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_before_writefile
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_rest
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_generated_list_sql
- HPrAutomaticOrderExport_export_loaded_list

Version 0.2.5

Fixed the articleNumber in openTRANS 2.1

Version 0.2.4

Fix for and-char in openTRANS

Version 0.2.3

Using CLI-command for exports. Same options as the REST-API

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