Remove "plus shipping costs" on shipping free articles

Remove "plus shipping costs" on shipping free articles


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  • 1.0.1
  • 14 Nov 2018
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from isento eCommerce solutions
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.2
Remove "plus shipping costs" With the help of the plugin, the text "plus shipping costs" on the... more

Product information

Remove "plus shipping costs"

With the help of the plugin, the text "plus shipping costs" on the article detail page is removed as soon as the respective article is marked as free of shipping costs.

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Installation manual

Simply install the plugin and mark the desired items in the backend as free shipping. Then the text "plus shipping costs" will be removed from the detail page.


Version 1.0.1

Bugfix - Modal dialog was opened, although no link was stored

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release - First Version

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