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Dynamic Pricing

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  • 1.0.0
  • 11 Oct 2018
  • de_DE
  • from intoCommerce
  • 5.5.0 – 5.5.10
Summary:  - Dynamic price adjustment depending on device (Mobile, Desktop, iOS, Android etc.)-... more

Product information

- Dynamic price adjustment depending on device (Mobile, Desktop, iOS, Android etc.)- Dynamic price adjustment depending on referrer (for example product and price searchs, Google Shopping etc.)- Adjustment with absolute or percentage surcharges- Time-dependent price adjustment- Rounding to Smooth Amounts in 5-Cent increments (selectable)
Applications:- Calculating sales commissions depending on the channel- Skimming higher willingness to pay via mobile devices- Lower prices for price search engines - No adjustment of list prices necessary
Detailed description:You may know this phenomenon. Vacation become more expensive when searching through an app. Contact lenses are cheaper via Google Shopping instead of visiting the store directly.  Dynamic pricing is the name of this phenomenon. Here the shop decides on the basis of the channel how the prices are to be controlled. Our plugin "Dynamic Pricing" now also makes it possible for Shopware. The plugin offers the option of dynamically adjusting article prices in the frontend according to the channel. For this we offer different ways of price adjustment. As a setting possibility can first be distinguished whether the prices only depending on the device or even if a customer visits the shop via a specific referrer. This allows you to pass the sales commissions to your customers depending on the channel. Also adjustable is the possibility to change the price by means of absolute (for example 2 €) or percentage (for example 10%) surcharge. Whether the price adjustment should only be made for desktop devices, mobile devices or all devices is also adjustable in the backend. It is also possible to set the decimal price if precentage price is used, to display the usual decimal values even after price adjustment. To adjust prices for specific referrers it is possible to define up to 5 different referrer surcharges. Several referrers who should have the same serve can be entered in a field, but must be separated by a space. A referrer serve is active as long as the session is active, the settings in the backend are changed to absolute or the page is accessed via another referrer with a different surcharge. Time-dependent price adjustment is also possible. Select the days of the week to which an additional price adjustment is to apply and additionally determine the time period at which the price will be adjusted on these days. Up to 3 different time periods are configurable in the plugin.
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- Install the plugin- Choose the plugin configuration- Activate the plugin


Version 1.0.0

- first plugin version

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