Shipping costs according to distance

Shipping costs according to distance

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  • 3.0.3
  • 3 Jul 2021
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  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
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    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
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This plugin activates a shipping method based on the distance from the shop operator to the... more

Product information

This plugin activates a shipping method based on the distance from the shop operator to the customer.

You can also calculate the shipping costs based on the distance.

This is how you can offer your customers new shipping methods, including:

  • Same day delivery
  • Forwarding deliveries
  • Travel flat rates with free kilometers
  • The distance between your location and the customer's delivery address is made via the Google Distance API.
  • The fastest route with the means of transport "car" is calculated and is used to calculate / control the shipping types.

Please note that this plugin uses the Google Distance API and this can result in costs.

You can find more information about the costs here:

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Installation manual


1. Installation of the plugin

1.1) Download the plugin using the Plugin Manager.

1.2) Install the plugin

1.3) Now enter the Google API Key. To get this API key, please follow the steps from point 2 "Apply for Google API Key"

1.4) Add the Google API key to the plugin configuration, save it and then activate the plugin.

2. Apply for the Google API Key

To get the Google API Key, you need to do the following:

2.1) Register at

2.2) Create a new project at

2.3) Now go to and click on "Activate" above. This activates the API for this project and is therefore available.

2.4) Go to "Access data" on the left to create the login data for the API. Here click on "Create login data" and select the option for "API key". You will now receive the API key, which is required to use the plugin. A restriction of the API key is not required, but can be created. It is important that the API key can be used for the domain.

2.5) Create a payment account in order to be able to use all of Google's APIs in full. Otherwise it happens that the plugin does not get valid access to the Google API and the plugin cannot function correctly.

3. Setting up the shipping methods

3.1) Now go to Settings> Shipping costs. There you can now create any shipping methods or configure existing shipping methods for the plugin.

3.2) To configure a shipping method for the plugin, click on the "Free text fields" tab in the editing window. Here you will find all the settings to set up the shipping method together with the plugin. The following is an explanation of the possible settings: 3.2.1) Shipping costs after removal :: activate: Check this if the plug-in should be activated for this shipping method

3.2.2) Shipping costs according to distance :: Starting address: Enter the starting address from which the distance to the customer's delivery address should be calculated. Example: Spielstrasse 1, 12345 Spielstadt

3.2.3) Shipping costs according to distance :: Mode: Select the mode or condition for which the plugin should perform the calculation

3.2.4) Shipping costs according to distance: Distance A: Enter the distance (KM) that should apply to the mode. If you want to activate the shipping method for the plugin, a value must be entered here.

3.2.5) Shipping costs according to distance :: Distance B: If you choose mode 3, the distance (KM) must be entered here, which is higher than the distance A

3.2.6) Shipping costs according to distance :: Free kilometers: If the costs are to be calculated according to KM, you can enter free kilometers here. These are then not calculated

3.2.7) Shipping costs according to distance: costs p. KM: If the costs are to be calculated according to KM, you can enter a value here that is calculated per KM. Floating numbers (e.g. 1.55) are permitted.

3.2.8) Shipping costs according to distance :: Costs p. KM are gross: If the input of the costs per KM is gross, you can specify this by ticking the box.

3.3) Save the settings

3.4) The plugin can now be used.

4. Extension of the shipping costs description to include parameters

For a more precise specification of the shipping costs, you can use the following parameters in the description of the shipping method:

4.1) [StorageAddress] :: Output of the set storage address in the shipping method

4.2) [Distance] :: Specification of the calculated distance in KM

4.3) [FreeDistance] :: Set free kilometers in the shipping method

4.4) [CostsPerKm] :: Costs per KM (value does not include VAT)

4.5) [DistanceCosts] :: Calculated costs for this distance, which are added to the shipping costs (value does not include VAT)

4.6) [ChargeableDistance] :: KM to be calculated (= [Distance] - [FreeDistance])


Version 3.0.3

Bugfix on shipping selection

Version 3.0.2

  • bug fixes and improvments

Version 3.0.1

  • bugfixes and improvments

Version 3.0.0

  • Bug fixes
  • Improvement of the shipping method restriction
  • Improvement of the shipping cost calculation
  • Improvement of the verification of the Google API key
  • Added setting to round KM (round up, round down, round to 2 decimal places)
  • Variables available in the documents
  • Variables available in the order confirmation email

Version 2.2.1

  • bugfix of shipping method selection

Version 2.2.0

  • Costs p. KM can now be entered both in net and in gross. By default, the entry is made in net.

Version 2.1.0

This update includes buxfixes and improvments.
In addition, you can now test the Google API Key in the plugin configuration.

Version 2.0.0

Refactoring for Shopware form version 5.2.

Version 1.1.0

- bugfixes
- more config options

Version 1.0.0

first version

About the manufacturer

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Current version:


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