Lengow, Shopping feed management to sell on Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, eBay

Lengow, Shopping feed management to sell on Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, eBay

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This plugin is available for Shopware 6
Expected release: Dec 2020
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  • 1.5.3
  • 26 Oct 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.9
Boost your online sales with Lengow for Shopware With the Lengow plugin, you can export your... more

Product information

Boost your online sales with Lengow for Shopware

With the Lengow plugin, you can export your product catalogue from your Shopware shop, send and optimise your product feed to major players in the ecommerce field:

  • Google Shopping, Google Remarketing
  • eBay marketplace and eBay Commerce Network (Shopping.com)
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Amazon marketplace
  • Real.de (Hitmeister)
  • Allyouneed (Meinpaket)
  • Idealo Direktauf
  • Rakuten Shopping (Play.com, Priceminister, etc.)
  • Criteo
  • Bing Shopping
  • Sociomantic
  • Zanox

Choose from our 1,600 available marketing channels!


Make Google Shopping work like a breeze

So, you want to embrace Google Shopping but can’t make it work properly? From data feeds to campaign optimisation, the Lengow extension helps you to promote your Shopware shop on Google. No more data feed errors when adding products to Google Shopping through the Merchant Center (we support "custom labels", “adwords labels” and many more). This is also true for all other marketing channels.

Manage marketplace orders with ease 

Selling on multiple marketplaces (Idealo, eBay, Amazon, etc.) in different markets? Manage all your product orders right from your Lengow interface and keep your clients updated when order are processed. You can also keep an eye on your stock level directly from your Shopware back office.

Monitor your performance from a single dashboard

Now, you can track clicks, sales, CTR, ROI, etc, from a single dashboard and tweak your campaigns with automatic rules according to the cost of sales / profitability targets.


Installation Instructions

To know more about our plugin and its connexion with our platform, get in touch with our team on www.lengow.com. 

The Lengow plugin for Shopware is free to download. It enables you to generate a product catalogue ready to be published on multiple marketing channels and manage your product stock level in your Shopware back office.
  • Choose the marketing channels you would like to sell your products on. 
  • Match your categories and product attributes with the ones of the chosen marketing channel to ensure you get a good ranking.
  • Enhance your performance thanks to automatic rules, in order to promote products on sale or to exclude products which don’t fulfill your profitability requirements, helping increase your ROI.
  • Your product catalogue is now checked, optimised and ready for distribution.

What then?

  • Find your orders in your Lengow interface
  • Manage your stock level directly in Shopware
  • For easy activity management, a personalised dashboard (indicators, charts, etc.) enables you to control your activity efficiently.

The Lengow plugin for Shopware is free to download. It enables you to generate a product catalogue ready to be published on multiple marketing channels and manage your product stock level in your Shopware back office.
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Customer reviews

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Für uns Nutzlos mit Pickware

27 Oct 2020

Leider nicht zufriedenstellend bisher... Nach ersten Startschwierigkeiten mit sehr unfreundlichem Support, lief es erstmal. Wir haben später auf Pickware ERP und WMS umgestellt. Seit dem ist lengow im Prinzip nutzlos für uns, da Bestellpositionen nicht in die "s_order_details_attributes" eingetragen werden. Dadurch können über lengow eingespielte Bestellungen nicht im WMS bearbeitet werden und jede Bestellung muss manuell angefasst und der Bestand nachbearbeitet werden. Obwohl die Tabelle Shopware Standard ist, sieht man bei lengow keine Veranlassung tätig zu werden.

24 Nov 2020

Hallo Herr Lohmann,

vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Es tut uns leid zu hören, dass Ihre Anforderungen nicht abgebildet werden können. Eine Alternative wäre, Ihr ERP direkt mit unserer API zu verknüpfen.

Viele Grüße,

Support 0815

18 Jun 2020

Nach fast einem Monat muss ich sagen das der Support, Beschreibung eine Katastrophe sind

19 Jun 2020

Hello Markus,

I'm very sorry to hear that you encountered issues with our support team. They will get back to you ASAP to help you in the use of our platform.

Best regards

Installation manual

To know more about our plugin and its connexion with our platform, get in touch with our team on https://www.lengow.com/


Version 1.5.3

- Feature: Adding new links to the Lengow Help Center and Support

- Feature: [import] B2b orders can now be imported without taxes (optional)

- Bugfix: Always load iframe over https

Version 1.5.2

- Feature: [import] Addition of order types in the order management screen

- Feature: [import] Addition on the currency conversion in imported order

- Feature: [import] Integration of the region code in the delivery and billing addresses

- Bugfix: Update of the access token when recovering an http 401 code

Version 1.5.1

- Bugfix: Addition of the http 201 code in the success codes

Version 1.5.0

- Feature: Refactoring and optimization of the connector class

- Feature: Optimization of API calls for synchronisation of orders and actions

- Feature: [import] Protection of the import of anonymized orders

- Feature: Display of an alert when the plugin is no longer up to date
- Feature: [import] Protection of the import of orders older than 3 months

- Feature: Display of an alert when the plugin is no longer up to date

- Feature: Renaming from Preprod Mode to Debug Mode

- Bugfix: Refactoring and optimization of dates with the correct locale

- Bugfix: [action] Improved carrier matching with a strict then approximate search

- Bugfix: [import] Enhanced security for orders that change their marketplace name

Version 1.4.3

- Feature: Adding compatibility with php 7.3

- Bugfix: [export] Recovery of variations when product selection is enabled

- Bugfix: [export] Adding a filter on internal type articles (kind = 3)

- Bugfix: [import] Adding a security on the product search between the reference and the id

Version 1.4.2

- Feature: [export] Take fallback translations when exists

- Feature: Full Compatibility for Shopware versions 5.6

Version 1.4.1

- Feature: [import] Optimization of the order recovery system

- Feature: [import] Setting up a cache for synchronizing catalogs ids

- Feature: [action] Refactoring and optimization of actions on orders

- Feature: [action] Improved carrier matching with search on carrier code and label

- Bugfix: [export] Retrieving other images of a product when one is unavailable

Version 1.4.0

- Feature: Disabling the Lengow tracker and changing the product ID

- Feature: Registering marketplace data in a json file

- Feature: Optimization of API calls between PrestaShop and Lengow

- Bugfix: [export] Retrieving the default price when the customer group price is not available

- Bugfix: Recovery of Shopware version with parameters for versions above 5.4

- Bugfix: [export] Improved deletion of duplicate headers

- Bugfix: [action] Management of orders waiting to return from the marketplace

- Bugfix: Update of the lengow_order table directly after the creation of the Shopware order

Version 1.3.3

- Feature: Generating a generic error message when the Lengow API is unavailable- Feature: [export] Recovering parent images when no image is selected for the variation- Bugfix: Improved security to avoid duplicate synchronization

Version 1.3.2

- Bugfix: Checks whether a product is simple or a parent for product matching - Bugfix: Removal of billing & shipping addresses on the customer for version 5.5

Version 1.3.1

- Feature: Adding refunded status to order filters- Feature: Adding column's sort for active product and product include in export- Feature: Protocol change to https for API calls- Feature: Managing delivery_date and custom_carrier parameters for sending action- Feature: Check and complete an order not imported if it is canceled or refunded- Feature: Adding links to the new Lengow help center- Feature: Adding free text fields to export- Feature: Adding properties to export- Bugfix: Removing of action errors when orders are completed- Bugfix: Fixed pagination of the order page- Bugfix: Deleting the shipping_date parameter in the action check request- Bugfix: Optimizing the display of errors in the order screen- Bugfix: Adding an error message when the country does not exist in order importation- Bugfix: Deleting the indefinite index user_id in the connector- Bugfix: Deleting join table s_articles_categories_ro in the export process- Bugfix: Adding the Lengow product filter in the products export table- Bugfix: Deleting identical headers in the export stream- Bugfix: Compatibility with version 5.5 and order statuses

Version 1.3.0

- Feature: Implementation of the new Lengow order management screen- Feature: Automatic verification of actions sent to the marketplace- Feature: Automatic sending of action if the first shipment was a failure- Feature: Setting up the simple Lengow tracker- Feature: Sending a report email with order import and action upload errors- Feature: Adding a order resynchronisation button with Lengow- Feature: Adding a reimport command button and Lengow technical error status

Version 1.2.3

- Feature: Direct shipment of actions from Shopware API- Feature: Export specific price product for a customer group- Bugfix: Get specific domain name for a sub shop- Bugfix: Improvement of the update system to avoid sql errors

Version 1.2.2

- Feature: Translation management for catalog export- Bugfix: Fix the bug blocking the Shopware order details screen- Bugfix: Blocking unauthorized actions for a marketplace

Version 1.2.1

- Feature: Added Lengow tab in order details- Feature: Add cancel and ship action buttons- Feature: Added import order management- Feature: Adding action management to order- Feature: New multi-store management system- Feature: Automatic management of catalog addition- Feature: Add get_sync parameter for cron- Feature: Add PSR-2 coding standards- Feature: Delete out of stock and variation options for export- Feature: Add locale variable for Lengow Iframe- Feature: Add supplier field for export- Bugfix: Fix shop url with specific domain name- Bugfix: Change shop data for sending option- Bugfix: Get images for article variations- Bugfix: Optimize Lengow Statistics- Bugfix: Add https protocol for Lengow iframe

Version 1.0.4

- Bugfix: Optimize curl request- Bugfix: Optimize export process- Bugfix: Change cron url with no shop parameter- Bugfix: Change translations- Bugfix: Replace html br by space in cleanHtml function

Version 1.0.3

- Bugfix: refresh status for free trial- Bugfix: Fix bug with currency GET parameter- Feature: add new get_params parameter for export- Feature: add 403 and 400 headers for export process

Version 1.0.2

- Feature: add french translation- Feature: add new Lengow Logos- Bugfix: optimize getStatistic() for no API results- Bugfix: optimize getStatusAccount()

Version 1.0.1

- Bugfix: import and export url- Bugfix: get access to stats api- Bugfix: change csv head

Version 1.0.0

- Feature: Export process- Feature: Decrement stocks while importing orders- Feature: Backend plugin- Feature: Shop synchronization with Lengow- Feature: Trial period- Feature: Dashboard- Feature: Export grid- Feature: Logs download

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