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  • 1.0.0
  • 7 Jun 2019
  • en_GB
  • from Mailchimp
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.8
Grow your business with an all-in-one marketing platform. To start the installation, click... more

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Grow your business with an all-in-one marketing platform.

To start the installation, click here to connect your Shopware store to Mailchimp.

Create targeted campaigns, win back inactive customers, automate helpful follow-ups, recommend products, and make more money when you connect your Shopware store to Mailchimp. This free integration syncs your customers and their order information to Mailchimp to create an audience for marketing campaigns. With that, you’re able to:

  • Create emails that help you reach your audience and build your brand.
  • Set up marketing automations based on purchase behaviour
  • Showcase product recommendations
  • Segment users based on their purchase history
  • Grow your audience, run a giveaway, or promote a product—all with landing pages.
  • View results and measure your ROI
  • Use your customer data to create beautiful Facebook and Instagram Ads  and more

All you need is a Mailchimp account to get started. You can get started for free. If you need more advanced features upgrade to a Grow or Pro account

List of all supported Features:

Subscriber Sync (new customers)
New orders and customer data are synced from Shopware to Mailchimp in real time.

Subscriber Sync (existing customers)
Sync all existing customers to the Mailchimp audience selected in the installation process. In the case that the target audience changes, the integration automatically starts the initial sync for the new Mailchimp audience. Data from the previous audience won’t be deleted.

Historical Purchase Data
Sync all existing orders, including previously purchased products and product categories.

Purchase Data Sync Existing Products (+ Variants)
Sync all products as well as their variants to the selected Mailchimp audience. In the case that the target audience changes, the integration automatically starts the initial sync for the new audience.

Sync New Products (+ Variants)
The product catalogue is synced on a daily basis.

E-commerce Automation Workflows
Create targeted emails that send when triggered by a customer's activity, event, or specific date. This allows for audience segmentation and email automation.

Multiple Stores
Sync customers and orders from Shopware Subshops to Mailchimp and add multiple stores to one audience.

Order Status Updates
Orders are updated going back seven days.

Product Recommendations
Use individual customer purchase data to recommended relevant products in campaigns and automations to encourage repeat purchases and increase revenue.

Product Content Blocks
Drag and drop the product content block into your email layout to promote special offers or best-selling items.

For more information see our knowledge base article, Connect or Disconnect Mailchimp for Shopware.

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Grundfunktionen mit erheblichen Mängeln

24 Jul 2019

In der Einrichtung ist erstmal alles einfach getan. Jedoch werden alle Shopbesteller synchronisiert ohne Kennzeichnung welche tatsächlich einen Newsletter empfangen wollen. Die Mergefields sind nicht anpassbar, bzw. der Liste müssen dem Standart entsprechen, sonst funktioniert die Sync nicht.
Support findet bisher nicht statt.


Installation manual

Before starting the installation process for the new Mailchimp Shopware Integration, make sure you have all the necessary elements on hand:
  1. A Mailchimp account including username and password.
  2. An audience within the Mailchimp account to sync your customer data to.
  3. A Shopware account including of store URL, username, and API key for the account

To start the installation process, please log out of all Shopware or Mailchimp accounts on your device and open the following link in a new browser: Mailchimp for Shopware

Connect Mailchimp
  1. Enter your Mailchimp credentials. If you have more than one Mailchimp account, select the account you want to sync your customer data to.

Connect Shopware
  1. To connect the Shopware account, enter the Shop URL and click “Submit”.
  2. In the next step, enter the API User name and API Key and click “Submit”.
  3. Select the Store and User Group you'd like to sync into your Mailchimp Account.
  4. As a final step, select the Mailchimp list you’d like to send your data to from the dropdown menu. Afterwards, click “Submit”.

Check The Settings and Sync
  1. After submitting the Mailchimp list, the integration starts the sync from Shopware to Mailchimp. The status can be review on the settings page that the user is forwarded to after the final “Submit”.
  2. Depending on the order and volume products, the sync can last from a few minutes to multiple hours. You can always come back to the page to check on the status.  You can also use the settings page to update credentials or to change the Mailchimp list or audience you want to sync to. After editing the data, always click “Update” to save the new settings.


Version 1.0.0

Included setup instructions for Mailchimp for Shopware plugin.

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