Gross / net price switcher

Gross / net price switcher

by Maxi Arnicke (3) Ratings 249 Downloads
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This app is available for Shopware 6
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  • maxia10659434958
  • Maxi Arnicke
  • 1.5.1
  • 29 Jul 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.5
The plugin makes it possible to toggle the displayed prices throughout the shop, optionally... more

Product information


  • Prices can be changed at any time via a menu in the header
  • Preselects 'I am'-field on registration
  • Popup window when first visiting the page
  • Can optionally switch between two different customer groups


  • Can be deactivated for registered customers
  • Preselected setting can be defined by a URL-Parameter (e.g.


The plugin makes it possible to toggle the displayed prices throughout the shop, optionally excluding VAT or including VAT.    

Important note regarding compatibility:

This plugin has been developed for the default Shopware 5 installation. If you are using additional plugins or a different theme, please make sure to test the plugin first before buying. You can use the free test license for this.        


Are you missing a feature or do you have suggestions to this plugin?        

Feel free to contact me via the following email if you have any questions:
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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 3 reviews:


Besser geht's nicht!

13 Aug 2020

Tolles Plugin und ein super Support. So soll es sein. Vielen Dank, Herr Arnicke!


Super Addon

14 Apr 2020

Kann mich nur nochmal bedanken... Unser Template weicht leider vom standard Template total ab, daher klappte die Einbindung nicht auf Anhieb. Uns wurde aber super geholfen und nun läuft Alles perfekt! Danke!


Wir können das Modul ohne Einschränkungen empfehlen!

21 Oct 2019

Herr Arnicke war so freundlich uns wegen einer kleineren Sache nach dem Update 1.4.3 behilflich zu sein und zwar prompt und ohne Verzögerung. Was will man mehr. Wir sind jedenfalls sehr zufrieden und der Nutzen ist unbestreitbar. Super Plugin, super Service. Besten Dank.


Installation manual

The plugin can be installed using the Plugin Manager (to be found under Settings > Plugin Manager).


Version 1.5.1

- The customer groups can now be defined differently in subshops

Version 1.5.0

- A free text field has been added, which contains the selected gross / net setting of the customer when completing the order (s_order_attributes / maxia_tax_switch_is_net)

- The maxiaTaxSwitch variable is now also available in the 'widgets/index/shop_menu.tpl' template

Version 1.4.31

- Less files are only registered via autoloading and no longer via the 'Theme_Compiler_Collect_Plugin_Less' event

Version 1.4.30

- Added Shopware 5.7 compatibility

- Improved compatibility with third-party plugins that access the ContextService

- Fixed a bug which resulted in the gross / net setting not being applied the next time the page was viewed if the entry page uses the URL parameter

Version 1.4.29

- Bugfix: Popup was no longer displayed in some cases since the last update

Version 1.4.28

- Bugfix: In subshops in which the plugin is inactive, a JS error occurred in some configurations

Version 1.4.27

- Bugfix: Fixed a bug which, in connection with some plugins, could lead to a Doctrine exception when saving models to the database

Version 1.4.26

- New: After logging in, the gross / net setting can now be updated according to the customer group without having to activate the 'Deactivate for logged in users' option (Plugin settings > Switch customer group > Update gross / net setting after login)

- Bugfix: After logging out, the default customer group is now reset

- Bugfix: The conversion of the shipping surcharges can now be optionally deactivated (Advanced> Convert shipping cost surcharges)

Version 1.4.25

- New: The popup on the first visit can now optionally be deactivated if the URL parameter is set (Advanced > Deactivate modal, if parameter is set)

Version 1.4.24

- Bugfix: If the options "Change customer group" and "Deactivate for logged in users" are active, the customer group was not changed correctly under certain circumstances if more than two customer groups were defined


Version 1.4.23

- Bugfix: If the options "Change customer group" and "Deactivate for logged in users" are active, the correct customer group is now switched to after logging in, even if this customer group is not entered in the plugin settings (more than two customer groups)

Version 1.4.22

- Bugfix: Fixed bug related to removing the URL parameter when changing prices

Version 1.4.21

- Bugfix: Fixed an error that could lead to an incorrect tax setting in the PayPal plugin for EU customers with VAT-ID

Version 1.4.20

- Improved loading times by caching the header widget

- Fixed a bug that could occur in some subshop configurations

Note regarding custom themes

The following file may need to be changed if it is overwritten by your theme:


If exists: 

{action module=frontend controller=MaxiaTaxSwitch action=widget maxiaTaxSwitchIsNet=$maxiaTaxSwitchIsNet}

Replace with: 

{include file="frontend/maxia_tax_switch/widget.tpl"}

Version 1.4.19

- Bugfix regarding compatibility with Shopsy Lexoffice Connector

Version 1.4.18

- Bugfix: Price change did not work for logged-in customers if the 'Switch customer group' option is active and the user is currently on the shopping cart page

Version 1.4.16

- Bugfix: Gross / net setting was not applied when logging in from the backend using the button 'log in as this customer'

Version 1.4.15

- Improved support for ThemeWare themes

Version 1.4.14

- Bugfix: Bug regarding LESS compilation fixed

Version 1.4.13

- Bugfix: Fixed a bug relating payment plugin Mollie

- Bugfix: Fixed an error that occurred when LiveShopping was installed but deactivated

Version 1.4.11

- Bugfix: The pop-up window did not work together with the cookie notification mode 'set cookies only after permission'

Version 1.4.10

- Bugfix: Surcharge shipping rules are now converted correctly, even if the shipping cost price is net

Version 1.4.9

- Bugfix: Customer group is now correctly reset after login if the option 'Deactivate for logged-in users' is active

Version 1.4.6

- Customer group keys in the plugin settings now apply to all subshops

- Bugfix: If Shopware is installed in a subfolder, it could happen that the base URL is not considered correctly when redirecting to the last visited page

- Bugfix: Customer group was not reset after login if the setting 'Deactivate for logged-in users' is active and the customer group switch is inactive

Version 1.4.5

Changes regarding customer group switch:

- After logging in, the tax switch setting will now be changed according to the actual customer group saved in the customer account

- Registrations as business customer can now optionally be allowed (Plugin settings > customer group switch > allow registration merchant)

Version 1.4.4

- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused the popup to close when the cookie hint is displayed and clicked

- Bugfix: Setting cookie will now only be set if cookies have been accepted - otherwise the setting will only be saved in the Shopware session (cookie hint mode 'Allow technically necessary cookies')

- Bugfix: Forwarding to the last visited page did not work, if there is no HTTP-Referer. The redirect now uses a url parameter as redirection target.

Version 1.4.3

- Bugfix: Popup was displayed in an endless loop, if only technically necessary cookies are allowed

- Bugfix: The plugin will now be disabled if cookies are completely disabled and may not be activated until the cookies have been accepted

- Bugfix: By manipulating the shop context, errors could occur in the backend when saving the shop model


Version 1.4.2

- Bugfix: Fixed an error regarding paypal express compatibility

- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could cause the modal window to be displayed twice

Version 1.4.1

- Bugfix: Fixed template error after calling the main controller

Version 1.4.0

- New: It is now possible to switch between the gross / net prices of a single customer group, the customer group change is now optional

Version 1.3.0

- Net orders orders can now be blocked for customers that are not assigned to the business customer group´

- Customer groups can now be temporarily overwritten

- Changes for compatibility with Shopware 5.6

Version 1.2.1

- Bugfix: The setting is now stored in a cookie and will be preserved for a longer time

- Bugfix: Improved display of the popup window on mobile devices

Version 1.2.0

- New: The default setting can now be set using a URL parameter (example: 

Version 1.1.1

- Bugfix: Multiple bug fixes for Shopware 5.2

Version 1.1.0

- Bugfix: Prices in rich snippets are now always output as gross prices
- New: The desired setting can now be set via a pop-up window when visiting the page for the first time- Neu: Menu in the header can now optionally be hidden

Version 1.0.1

- Bugfix: Fixed issues with overwriting the templates

Version 1.0.0

First release Shopware Community Store

About the manufacturer

Maxi Arnicke Maxi Arnicke 15 Extensions 5 Ø Rating
Current version:


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