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Gross / net price switcher

Gross / net price switcher

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  • 1.0.5
  • 22 Feb 2021
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The plugin enables the displayed prices to be switched in the entire shop, either gross or net.... more

Product information


  • Gross / net prices in the shop can be switched at any time
  • Pop-up window when visiting the page for the first time (optional)
  • Preselection of the 'I am' field in the registration (optional)
  • Assignment of the customer group after registration (optional)


  • Switcher can be displayed in several places: top bar, header, product detail, off-canvas menu (mobile)
  • Setting can be set by a URL parameter (e.g.
  • Can be deactivated for logged-in users


The plugin enables the displayed prices to be switched in the entire shop, either gross or net.

Optionally, the customer group can be automatically assigned after registration or a customer group request can be created.

With the help of the URL parameter, the gross / net setting can already be set via the link to the shop (e.g.

Important note regarding compatibility: 
This plugin has been developed for the default Shopware 6 installation. If you are using additional plugins or a different theme, please make sure to test the plugin first before buying. You can use the free test license for this.

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Feel free to contact me via the following email if you have any questions:
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Installation manual

The plugin can be installed via the plugin manager (found under Settings > System > Plugin Manager).

Customer group assignment after registration

The function requires the Shopware option 'Settings > Shop> Login / Registration > Show selection between company and customer account) to be active.

The selected customer groups in the plugin settings are assigned based on the selection 'I am' in the form after registration is complete.

Customer groups can either be assigned immediately or a customer group request can be created.

A Shopware version of at least is required for customer group requests.


Version 1.0.5

- Bugfix regarding possible errors with other plugins if several SalesChannelContextService decorators exist

Version 1.0.4

- Improved compatibility with other plugins that access the SalesChannelContextService (fixes problems with CleverReach from version 2.0)

Version 1.0.3

- Changes for the compatibility with Shopware

Version 1.0.2

- Fixed an HTTP error 500 that could occur in some installations when switching prices

Version 1.0.1

The preselection can now be changed via a setting in the plugin

Version 1.0.0

First release in the community store

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