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With the Snapchat Pixel, advertisers can measure the cross-device impact of campaigns and see... more

Product information


  • Captures 8 standard Snapchat events
  • Multiple Pixel IDs, Advanced matching
  • 3 data protection modes: Use the Shopware Cookie Consent Tool, Start Snapchat Pixel immediately & Start Snapchat Pixel manually via JavaScript


With the Snapchat Pixel, advertisers can measure the cross-device impact of campaigns and see how many Snapchatters are active in your shop after seeing your ad.

The Snapchat Pixel captures various events that were executed by the visitors in your shop.


Captured Snapchat events

  • PAGE_VIEW: page view
  • VIEW_CONTENT: view of a product
  • LIST_VIEW: view of a category
  • SEARCH: search request
  • ADD_CART: product added to cart
  • START_CHECKOUT: checkout process started
  • ADD_BILLING: add payment informations
  • PURCHASE: completed purchase

Multiple Pixel ID's

With the configuration of several pixel IDs, all events can be made accessible to any number of advertising accounts.

Advanced Matching

The Advanced Matching is a function that is offered by Snapchat and can be activated in our plugin.

It is used by Snapchat to recognize customers as Snapchat members, even if they are not logged in on Snapchat when visiting your shop. The data is encrypted and transmitted to Snapchat.

Data protection modes

You can choose between three different data protection modes.

  1. Use Shopware Cookie Consent Tool (Default)
  2. Start Snapchat Pixel immediately
  3. Start Snapchat Pixel manually via JavaScript

In data protection modes 2 and 3, the shop operator is responsible for obtaining any necessary consent to activate the Snapchat Pixel.

You can find a detailed description of the data protection modes in our detailed documentation (GERMAN Language).

Customization / Compatibility / Performance

All texts in the Cookie Consent Tool can be customized using the snippets.

The plugin is PHP 7.x compatible.

The Snapchat Pixel code and the plugin code are loaded asynchronously and compiled with the theme code.

Snapchat Marketing

Dynamic Product Ads

By connecting a product catalog with the Snapchat Pixel in the Business Account, many more possibilities are opened up. You then have the advantage of using Dynamic Ads, and are thus able to present individual products to potential buyers on the basis of a captured event.

Requirements for Dynamic Ads

For the tracking of the data a free Snapchat Business account including an installed pixel is required. In addition to the use of the data in the form of advertisements, an established advertising ad manager and, if dynamic ads are desired, a connected product catalog is required.

On request, we media:meets GmbH help you to set up the accounts / managers / product catalogs. Please understand that this service will incur separate costs, which will be discussed in advance. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at

Custom Audience Examples

With the events captured by the plugin, the following custom audiences were possible:

All visitors to the shop who are members of Snapchat and..

  • searched for term X.
  • viewed category X.
  • started the checkout process, but not completed it.

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Snapchat is a registered trademarks of Snap Inc. This Shopware plugin was not developed by Snap Inc. and is therefore not available as a contact for this.

media:meets is a registered trademark of media:meets GmbH located in Essen.


media:meets GmbH assumes no liability for data protection violations. Compliance with the data protection regulations lies within the responsibility of the site operator.

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Installation manual

The basic requirement is a free Snapchat Business account and an activated Snapchat Pixel.

  1. Install & activate Plugin
  2. Copy & paste Snapchat Pixel ID
  3. Optional: configure other options
  4. Ready!

Please see our official documentation (GERMAN language) for more detailed information.


Version 1.0.0

First release of the plugin

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