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Product information

Automatic internal linking for effective SEO optimization

For better positions in Google

For an effective search engine optimization a meaningful internal linking of the pages is necessary. By means of the internal linking Google "recognizes" which pages and keywords are relevant for your online shop and gives you more or less weight depending on the distribution.

With our plugin "Internal linking" you can define your keywords and target pages comfortably in the backend. The plugin then automatically inserts the corresponding internal links into your SEO texts. You can define the relevance of the keywords and determine in which areas the keywords should be linked - in the categories, products, shopping worlds and/or in the blog.

With our plugin you save the effort to manually insert your internal linking into each of your SEO texts and to update it regularly.

Functions at a glance:

Automatic internal linking

Define keywords, which are then automatically linked to the entered target URL in the texts of the online shop. Save yourself the time and effort of manually inserting and tracking links in the texts. The keywords can be updated by clicking, target URLs changed or keywords completely deactivated - without laborious revision of all individual texts.

Keyword groups and synonyms

Often a keyword has a plural or different spellings (e.g. "online shop", "online shop", "online shops"). You can create keyword groups so that each keyword is not linked to the target page again. You can also use this function, for example, to optimize a subpage on longtail keywords.

Create your own keywords for each language

You have several sub-shops with different topics or in different languages? Define separate keywords for each sub-shop and each language, which are only linked in the pages of the respective sub-shop.

Limit the number of links per page

If you actively use SEO, you will quickly get a large number of keywords. So that your pages are not overloaded with links - which Google quickly classifies as link spam - you can limit the number of links per page. If the maximum number is reached, no further keywords will be linked on this page.

Recognition of own links

You have already inserted links in texts? The plugin recognizes already existing links in the texts and calculates these on the maximum number of links per page.

Distinction of keywords according to relevance

Not every keyword is equally important for your online shop. You can use the relevance factor to determine which keywords are important and which are less important. Keywords with a higher relevance factor are linked more often in the pages. This will show Google that these keywords are more important for you.

Activate / deactivate keywords easily

Assortments and products of an online shop can change over time. New products and assortments are added, others are removed.

Keywords for different areas

Not every keyword should be linked in every area of the shop. Some keywords should only be linked in the blog, some only on the product pages. For each keyword, you can freely determine in which area of the shop the keyword is linked in order to generate a meaningful LinkJuice flow.

The following areas can be selected:

  • Homepage
  • Category pages
  • Product detail pages
  • Shop pages (content)
  • Blog posts
  • Blog main page
  • Shopping worlds

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Top SEO Plugin - Leicht zu bedienen und sehr effektiv

25 Jan 2019

Super SEO Plugin, das uns bei Steigerung der Sichtbarkeit enorm weitergeholfen hat. Gratulation an die Entwickler und vielen Dank für den schnellen und optimalen Support.



Version 1.1.20

Various improvements

Version 1.0.50

Various improvements

Version 1.0.40

Minor Improvements of usability

Version 1.0.30

Minor Improvements of usability

Version 1.0.21

Minor Improvements of usability

Version 1.0.10

Initial Release of the plugin

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€ 349.00* € 449.00* Promotion valid until 04/12/2020 23:59

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