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  • 2 Jul 2018
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  • 5.2.16 – 5.2.27
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    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
Whether Amazon Marketplace, eBay or online shops of any kind: NAVconnect from m+p solutions is... more

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Whether Amazon Marketplace, eBay or online shops of any kind: NAVconnect from m+p solutions is Microsoft's certified extension of Microsoft Dynamics for multi-channel e-commerce. Automated business processes connect the proven ERP system with a wide variety of online trading platforms - whether consumer, B2B or auctions.

Manage all aspects in Microsoft Dynamics from article master data to article stock, payment, logistics and after-sales functions.

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  • Many shopware functions controllable from Microsoft Dynamics
  • no transaction-dependent fees for NAVconnect
  • Standard project implemented in 6-8 person days.


  • Management of any number of shops; convenient article maintenance in NAV
  • Simple items and variant items; different media (descriptions, images, documents, videos, etc.) per shop
  • Different languages for each subshop; comprehensive maintenance of attribute values
  • Easy creation and selection of categories; maintenance of cross-selling and related products
  • Assignment of different warehouse stock methods; simple and graduated prices per customer group
  • Bidirectional management of customer accounts; automatic creation of sales orders
  • Accounts receivable system for customer additions; accounts receivable system for guest purchases
  • Automatic duplicate check; cancellation and dispatch notification to the shop incl. tracking number
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Version 2.18

Shopware Impovements/New Features:
- Support Configurator-Type-selection
- GetItemInventory improved to update all inventory-relevant data instead of only quantity
- Support "highlightet" at itemsyncronisation- Support "shippingFree" at itemsyncronisation- Support "supplierNumber" at itemsyncronisation-...

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