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Set up test server/staging environment

Set up test server/staging environment

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Set up a test environment in a flash  The original plugin from the market leader for test... more

Product information


  • Set up test environment at the push of a button
  • Test plugins, new shopware versions and changes without danger
  • Giving service providers safe access to the store


  • Any number of test environments
  • Data can be anonymized
  • Exclusion of directories and database tables


Set up a test environment in a flash 

The original plugin from the market leader for test environments - the successful Shopware 5 plugin now also for Shopware 6.

Features at a glance:

  • A test environment is created fully automatically in a subdirectory. The Shopware files as well as the database and settings of the live server are taken over. Because of the subdirectory there are no problems with plugin licenses, the store works in the test environment as usual.
  • Any number of test environments can be created in different subdirectories.
  • A test environment is created with a few mouse clicks - just enter the data of a second database and click "Create" (depending on the hosting server it might be neccessary to set up the directory to execute a shopware shop).
  • A test environment can be configured with a few mouse clicks: for example, the maintenance mode of the test store can be set, or the options of the .env file can be changed. 
  • Directories and individual database tables can be excluded (e.g. the item images) - this saves a lot of time. The file system and the database can be recreated separately in the test environment.
  • Data can be made completely anonymous (customer data, orders etc.) or alternatively only the master data (articles, categories, configuration) can be transferred to the test environment, the customer data is then completely empty.

The test server plugin is useful for every professional store operator and makes the work of service providers and agencies much easier!

The plugin has been tested extensively, but we do not assume any liability. Please make sure that you create a backup before setting up a test server for the first time. Furthermore this Plugin does not replace a backup. A restore of the test server to the live server is not possible for technical reasons.

System requirements

  • Shopware certified web server with Apache or Nginx
  • Access data for a second database
  • The PHP setting max_execution_time must be set to 1200 (or higher if necessary)
  • Since large amounts of files are copied, the server should be sufficiently fast and have an SSD. Furthermore, no excessive PHP security functions should be active (e.g. the PHP function dir() must be available).

Please test the free demo version before purchasing. Since there are unfortunately many different server configurations, it is possible that in individual cases the plugin will not run on your server. Especially a shopware certified hoster is important: "cheap" hosting packages are usually not suitable! 

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Installation manual

  • Install and activate as usual via the plugin manager
  • In the backend call the menu item Settings / Plugins / Staging/Test environments
  • Create a new test environment and first enter the name, directory and database access data for the test server in the Settings tab.
  • In the first tab select the button Create. Important: The setup of a test server can take several minutes, depending on the size of the store. 
  • If the frontend of the test server does not appear or with an error message, the cache of the test server may have to be cleared

Important: If you set up an nginx web server, the subdirectory may have to be configured correctly once for shopware. Please contact your provider for this. At TimmeHosting you will find instructions for this:

If you have made manual adjustments to the .htaccess file on Apache servers, a manual configuration may be necessary here (Attention: only change the .htaccess file on the test server


Version 1.0.1

  • Fix: correct encoding of special chars in database connection (.env)
  • Change: plugin setting to force "tar" filecopy

Version 1.0.0

Initial plugin version

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