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Link Customergroups

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  • 1.0.1
  • 27 Mar 2017
  • de_DE en_GB
  • from nailport
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
Imagine you made a market analysis and found out that the majority of your clients is buying... more

Product information

Imagine you made a market analysis and found out that the majority of your clients is buying online over a special link oder market place like a price search engine.What will you do as a good merchant to benefit by the clients' way of buying? Exactly! You will heighten the prices!Or you recognize to make a commercial campagne on this devices, so you allow a reduction of the prices for different products,especially only for this link customers. The clients will only see the prices of the products for their source link.

With this Plugin you have the opportunity to the clear assignment for the source link:

  • It allows you to definate a group of clients exactly for 10 links (top level domain base)

  • You can appropriate every single source link to a customer group ( for example all google links to one group of clients, all users from a price search engine to a group of clients)

  • You decide if the client shall be permanent in this group of clients or if it is just for the time of his purchase on his chosen source link (Standard).

  • It is up to you to decide over the riskmanagement of the group of clients if the customer will be able to pay over different ways of payment services or not.

The assignment of the group of clients for the recognised source link has not been modified at all. That means, that the functionality of the adjustment for the riskmanagement is available completely.

Plugins are available on your own request. There will be no problem to extend a Plugin for your own requirement. If necessary please contact us with your own suggestions. We will find a solution!

After version 1.01:

You can use a Regex formula to parse your referer link in more details, e.g.

Referer Link:

Regex formula:


With using regular expressions you are matching the link and hopping over all in the parentheses (.*?). If you like, you can still use only the TLD.

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2 May 2017

Toller, schneller und kompetenter Support - immer wieder gerne!
Ich bedanke mich für die tolle Zusammenarbeit und hoffe, dass ich noch mehr innovative Plugins dieses Entwicklers verwenden kann.


Installation manual

Please install this plugin normally over the plugin manager.

Note! Version 5.2.x and higher:

At the moment of ordering the customer group is logged in the orderlist. You have to configure the freetextfield management in your backend. Go to "Preferences->Freetextfield Management" and then use the dropbox to select the table  "Orders (s_order_attributes)". Then you can generate the model and configure one freetextfield with these parameters:

"attribute1 | Easy Text | Varchar(500) | Link-Customer | checked (green) | checked (green) | 0"


Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.0

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€ 98.00 *

Support by nailport

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