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  • Onedrop GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2.0.1
  • 14 Oct 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – –
No matter whether you're a delivery service, local shop or if you just want to offer your... more

Product information

No matter whether you're a delivery service, local shop or if you just want to offer your customers the opportunity to have a gift delivered on a certain date, now you can.

Configure how long your customers can select a date in the future, which days of the week can be selected and, if necessary, even at what time delivery / pick up should take place.

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Installation manual

Install the plugin.

You may add the following code to your order confirmation mail templates so your customers can see their selected date:

{% if order.extensions.ods_delivery|length %}

    <h3>You've chosen an individual delivery date!</h3>

    {% if == true %}

        <p><strong>Deliver asap.</strong></p>

    {% else %}

        <p>{{ order.extensions.ods_delivery.deliveryDate|date("d.m.Y H:i") }}.</p>

    {% endif %}


{% endif %}


Version 2.0.1

Default date is preselected

Version 2.0.0

Compatible with Shopware 6.3

Version 1.1.2

6.2 compatibility and improvement of required flag

Version 1.1.1

Order is displayed red in the administration if delivery is overdue.

Version 1.1.0

Timeslot selection per weekday

Version 1.0.0

First version to be released

About the manufacturer

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