Messenger live chat (GDPR compliant)

Messenger live chat (GDPR compliant)

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Messenger live chat (GDPR compliant) If your customers have a question when they buy, you can... more

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Messenger live chat (GDPR compliant)

If your customers have a question when they buy, you can ask them directly through the messenger. Thus, you are only one answer away from a sold product. The personal contact offers itself above all with higher-priced products, since the expenditure pays off very quickly for you.

Advantages: √ Increase sales by directly assisting your customers with their purchase √ Especially suitable for selling higher priced products √ Data protection compliant according to GDPR
More than 1 billion people actively use facebook messenger. Your customers too! Get in touch with them in a personal way.

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Installation manual

Important: By installing and using this plugin you agree to the terms of use, terms and conditions & privacy policy zu.
To get started with shopstars widgets you need a free shopstars account. 
If you are already registered, simply enter your existing access data and your shopstars ID in the plugin configuration.

If you do not have a shopstars account, create one with the following steps: 1.) After installation and activiation of this plugin click on the new menu item ´Marketing -> Shopstars´ in the shopware backend. The shopstars login page will open. Klick on "Signup here for free" beneath the login button. There you can sign up. Alternatively you can do that here, too:
2.) After your login in shopstars, you get your personal shopstars ID on the install page. Copy the ID into the settings of this plugin in your shop and save it.
3.) Tip: You can save your shopstars login credentials in the plugin settings, too. Then you will get logged in automatically when you open the new menu item ´Marketing -> Shopstars´ in the shopware backend.
4.) You are done!
Now you can create your desired widgets and they will appear in your shop in a matter of seconds. Use the menu item ´MARKETING -> SHOPSTARS´ in the shopware menu on the top.

Learn more about shopstars:


Version 1.0.8

Integrated measurement of success statistics

Version 1.0.7

Internal Optimizations.

Version 1.0.6

Initial release of plugin

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