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  • 29 Jun 2019
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With the Easy Menu Designer it is easy to create a responsive dropdown menu for your online shop,... more

Product information

With the Easy Menu Designer it is easy to create a responsive dropdown menu for your online shop, in order to set the individual menu items particularly in scene. Simply drag&drop the menus automatically generated with the installation of the plugin to customize or completely create your own. 
The Easy Menu Designer is also suitable for inexperienced shopware users due to its simple operation and prefabricated components. It also offers the possibility to integrate HTML, JavaScript, CSS or even Smarty Template Code. Experienced users, developers and agencies quickly realize that the Easy Menu Designer sets them hardly any limits. In this way you have implemented your wishes or those of your customers in the shortest possible time.

The current version contains the following components:

Row/Column: The "Row" and "Column" components define the basic structure of the respective drop-down menu. It does not matter whether you want to use only one row with one column or build more complex scaffolds: You can freely choose how many rows you want to use and how many columns each row should have. You then place the individual blocks for the contents of your menu in this scaffold.
Category: With the "Category" component it is easy to display categories and up to three levels of subcategories of these categories. You are completely free to decide which categories you want to display.
Image: With the "Image" component, you can quickly and easily integrate any number of images into your drop-down menu by dragging and dropping them, in order to set the menu particularly in scene. 
Link: The "Link" component is used for easy placement of links.
Text: With the help of the "Text" component, simple texts can easily be integrated into the menu. You can choose whether it is a paragraph or an H1 to H6 heading, which is especially important with SEO in mind. 
HTML: By using the "HTML" component you get almost limitless possibilities to design your dropdown menus. You can integrate HTML, JavaScript, CSS or even Smarty Template Code. If the "Smarty Template" option is active, the code that you integrate into your dropdown menu via this component will be treated like a Smarty template. Accordingly, all Smarty plugins, functions and modifiers are available to you, as well as all Smarty variables. So you can easily integrate great holiday specials, animations and much more! 

You can freely assign CSS classes to all components, for example to address different images individually via CSS or JavaScript. 


The plugin currently contains two simple ready-made designs, which should fit all online shops, each of which can be selected via the plugin's settings. We plan to implement more designs in later versions.  
If you are familiar with CSS, you can adapt the menu very easily to your own wishes. However, we will also be happy to help you with any necessary adjustments. Simply contact us with your wishes and we will implement it for you quickly and easily! 
Our website: https://www.pangritz.it
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Version 1.0.1

Bug fixing: Saving a menu with an empty row component no longer causes an error.

Version 1.0.0

First release Shopware Community Store

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Current version:


€ 89.00 *

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