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Product information

QuarticON is a fully automated, personalized product recommendation system.
AI based algorithms collect the behavioral patters of each customer in your store and generate fully personalized offers.

We are currently cooperating with over 1000 stores across 10+ countries worldwide: The United States, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania among some of them.

Personalize your offer today and begin a free, 30-day trial!

Within the first month of installing the plugin you will be able to:

→sell up to 25% more

→grow your conversion rate by up to 12%

→lower the bounce rate by 23%

→triple your customers’ engagement

The product

→100+ product recommendation strategies,
among them: a personalized landing page, cross-selling, up-selling, the zero search and popular trends

→Fully responsive widgets that match the design of your website

→Cloud computing architecture

→A customer base divided into segments

→Multi-channel reporting

→Efficiency confirmed in A/B tests

Why QuarticON?

E-commerce know-how / Our experts have gained experience by working with over 1000 online stores. We offer much more than just an application! Contact our sales department to receive a Customer ID -> sales@quarticon.com . Our team will thoroughly analyze the space available in your store and will help in the preparation of a plugin that matches your individual needs.

Real-time recommendations / Our intelligent algorithm analyzes the behavior of an individual user in the store and updates the displayed content automatically. This means that the products your customers see in your store always match their expectations and needs perfectly.

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