Form Mailchimp Integration

Form Mailchimp Integration

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Define any number of Shopware forms and on-submit the containing email-addresses will be imported... more

Product information

Define any number of Shopware forms and on-submit the containing email-addresses will be imported in a (to be specified) MailChimp list.
Thus you can create OptIn-pages using Shopware forms. On importing the addresses into Mailchimp you can automate the email marketing process in MailChimp and e.g. send a LeadMagnet to the subscriber.
*NEW*: You can import any form-fields of your Shopware form additional to the email address to MailChimp.

You can choose between Single-OptIn or Double-OptIn.
Additionally you can specify whether the form content shall also be sent via email.
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Funktioniert wie gewünscht

31 Jul 2017

Alle konfigurierten Formulare landen bei uns in den spezifizierten Mailchimp-Listen und können dort für die Automatisierung oder normale Kampagnen genutzt werden.

Schön ist zudem, dass man sich optional für Single-Optin entscheiden kann, was mit den Formularen von Mailchimp selbst nicht möglich. Dies Nutzen wir in der Schweiz anstandslos.


Installation manual

After installing the plugin you need to insert your personal MailChimp API-Key into the field "Mailchimp API key" in the plugin configuration.
You find your API-Key here:
Double OptIn is the standard, but you can also specify to use SingleOptin. Please inform yourself about the legal situation in the country of your shop.
In the third field, you define, which forms shall be imported to MailChimp and into which lists. You do this by defining a semicolon-separated list with these values: Shopware Form ID, MailChimp List ID, Mail shall be send (0=no, 1=yes). Separate these values by "#".

Important: The email-field in the Shopware form has to have the "name" of "email"


  • 21#1234b0123c#1;24#2234b0123c#0

This example imports the email-address of the Shopware form with the "sFid" 21 into the MailChimp list with the ID 1234b0123c. This form will also be sent via email. Also, the email-address of form with "sFid" 24 will be imported into the MailChimp list with ID 2234b0123c. This form will not be sent via email.

In this manner you can specify as many form-list-configurations as you want.
After the configuration process you might need to reset the Shopware cache!

How to export additional form-fields

You are now familiar with the structure

  • 21#1234b0123c#1

To export additional form-fields, you need to add another value to this configuration, that is separatet with a "#"-character again:

  • 21#1234b0123c#1#FNAME:%firstname%,LNAME:%lastname%

As an example I have added the new value FNAME:%firstname%,LNAME:%lastname% .

FNAME and LNAME are default so called MERGE-TAGS in Mailchimp. You can add additional merge-tags to any of your lists.

In this example-configurationIn the Shopware-formfield firstname is used to fill the list-merge-tag FNAME in Mailchimp. The formfield lastname is used to fill the merge-tag LNAME. "firstname" and "lastname" are the values you find as "Name" when you configure the Shopware-Form-Fields. "FNAME" and "LNAME" and additional Merge-Tags can be configured in Mailchimp in the list settings as list fields.

In this manner you can export as many Shopware formfields to Mailchimp.

In general:


The Formfield-Name is bounded by %-characters.

Merge-Tag und %Formfieldname% must be separated by a colon.

If you want to export multiple custom form fields, you need to separate the configurations by a comma ( , ).


Version 1.1.4

Bugfix that prevented the successful sync to Mailchimp when a comma was part of a Merge-Tag-value.

Version 1.1.2

Improved Logging of integration success/error

Version 1.1.0

You can now import all form-fields to Mailchimp additional to the email-field.

Version 1.0.0

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