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Rental items - Rental and lending articles

Rental items - Rental and lending articles

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This plugin enables you to extend the sale of goods provided for in Shopware by the function of... more

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This plugin enables you to extend the sale of goods provided for in Shopware by the function of renting articles.  Articles can be marked simply in their Shop as renting articles, this is then marked with freely adjustable text and color in the article listing.


  • Price based on quantity or rental period can be fixed
  • Calendar selection in the order process directly indicates availability
  • Individual article configuration based on prices/availability/quantity/deposit
  • Redirect unauthorized URL calls of the checkout to the start page.
  • Calendar overview per article or total calendar of all loans
  • Complete integration in the ordering process up to invoice/email templates
  • epositing and accepting the rental conditions at checkout
  • variant support
  • Define additional articles (optional and mandatory) to map insurance, cleaning, and so on.

For each article, you can define the permitted quantity of rental, the maximum rental period, lead time, and floats between the individual rental periods.

A separate deposit can be defined, which can be freely adapted or globally configured in the article number and description for each article. When renting, the deposit is included as a separate item of the order.

The Shopware scales are available for pricing. In addition to the quantity, these scales can also be valid for the rental period, this configuration must also be made for each article. In addition, fixed prices can also be defined for individual days, a calculation can be selected according to usage days or a fixed price can be used for a maximum rental period.

Maintain an overview of your rental articles and the rental periods. Each article has its own calendar in which the rental periods are displayed. An article needs to be repaired and must not be scheduled for rental or an article needs to be blocked for some other reason for a certain period of time? Simply block an article from the article calendar.


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