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Shopgate - Data driven Mobile Commerce for Shopware

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  • SGATE00633f
  • shopgate
  • 2.9.99
  • 8 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.6
Mobile Commerce for Shopware Get your Shopping-Apps in 30 minutes! Launch your own mobile... more

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Mobile Commerce for Shopware
Get your Shopping-Apps in 30 minutes!

Launch your own mobile website for smartphones and tablets in your look & feel.
Be available on the App Store with your amazing new native app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Increase your mobile sales: Up to 900% increase in mobile conversion rates.
Get powerful mobile marketing/M-Commerce features like barcode and QR scanner, push messages and integrated mobile coupons!

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Support Not available

Sehr unfreundlich

27 Jul 2018

Shopgate. Ein Relikt der Vergangenheit. Sehr unfreundlicher Kundendienst. Nicht zu empfehlen. Benötigt wird es außerdem nicht.


Shopgate benötigt kein Mensch

13 Mar 2018

Shopgate benötigt kein Mensch. Plugin funktioniert mit vielen Shopware-Plugins nicht, z.B. Advanced Promotion Suite. Viel Aufwand, kein reaktiver Support. 1 Jahr getestet, kein Mehrwert.


Funktion Top - Service Flop

31 Jul 2017

Das Plugin tut was es soll. Ab und an gab es Probleme mit der Schnittstelle, aber nichts gravierendes. Leider ist der Support bzw. Service überhaupt nicht Kundenfreundlich! Tip: Kleingedrucktes in den AGB SEHR GUT durchlesen, Kulanz wird nicht sehr gross geschrieben.


Gutes Plugin, Shopgate ist aber mit Shopware 5 fraglich!

21 Jun 2015

Plugin funktioniert einwandfrei. Dennoch sollte man sich mit Shopware 5 fragen, ob der rechte teure vertrag bei shopgate überhaupt noch sinn macht, da ja jetzt alles responsive ist!


Sehr gute App, sehr guter Support

24 Jun 2014

Ein muß für jede Firma die noch keinen Mobilen-Shop bzw. App hat.
Schnelle Umsetzung, schönes Design und einen sehr guten Support!

Überzeugen Sie sich selber mit der FUXTEC App von shopgate


Mobile-Shop optimal umgesetzt

19 Mar 2014

Wir verwenden Shopgate nun bald seit einem Jahr als mobile Lösung für den DMAX Onlineshop ( und sind von der Umsetzung, der Performance, der Skalierbarkeit und auch vom Support bei Rückfragen überzeugt.

Diverse Anpassungen an unsere teilweise individuellen Anforderungen werden unterstützt und sehr zügig umgesetzt.

Fazit: Mobile Komplettlösung die schnell aufgesetzt ist, optimal funktioniert und sofort in Betrieb genommen werden kann. Gefällt uns!


Installation manual


Version 2.9.99


- tax calculation in checkout for countries other than Germany

- cart session issues in Shopware 5.7

- compatibility of the favorite list sync in Shopware 5.7

- failure to log in after registration in some cases

Version 2.9.98


  • support for Shopware 5.7


  • customer group specific prices in mobile app cart view
  • performance issues in the favorite list synchronization
  • orders with non-default shipping methods

Version 2.9.97


  • error handling when adding a coupon to an empty cart
  • validation of payment rules for app user carts
  • coupon removal from app user carts

Version 2.9.96


  • tax calculation during web checkout when ordering to a country different from the shop's country
  • shipping costs calculation when the address has been changed in the web checkout

Version 2.9.95


  • minimum charge to the addCoupon error message


  • showing incorrect shipping costs for customers with a shipping address in another country
  • PayPal redirect in checkout

Version 2.9.94


  • aborting Paypal checkout - products deleted from cart re-occuring in checkout when SwagAdvancedCart plugin is active
  • smarty exception: directory not allowed by security setting
  • app login via shop account not respecting customer scope

Version 2.9.93


- item not added to cart if its "laststock" is 0 but "InstockInfo" flag is set in the settings

- coupon code getting lost after login

- cart getting lost when returning from check out too quickly

- product export aborting on some items with package units

Version 2.9.91


  • option to check the "always_select_payment" flag during checkout
  • Increased the JWT Token timeout from 60 seconds to 5 minutes
  • support for bonus points and account/documents page
  • Disabled the bot flag in the session during web checkout


  • category image urls for Shopware 5.6
  • export of customer group specific prices
  • Fixed cart being emptied upon login
  • missing article number for cart rule items in the order details

Version 2.9.90

### Fixed
- export of customer group specific prices

### Removed
- compatibility with PHP < 5.6
- compatibility with Shopware < 5.2

Version 2.9.89

## [2.9.89] - 2019-11-18

### Added

- plugin.xml file to meet Shopware code quality standards

### Fixed

- improved SW 5.6 support

- read payment fee ordernumber and label from configuration

Version 2.9.86

- export of related and similar items
- version handling in product export

Version 2.9.85

### Added
- support for the new Shopware PayPal Plugin

### Fixed
- potential security issue in redirect

Version 2.9.84

## [2.9.84] - 2018-11-20
### Changed
- uses Shopgate Cart Integration SDK 2.9.78

### Fixed
- loading the mobile redirect script failed due to wrong URL
- error during order import, in case the customer was not found

Version 2.9.83

## [2.9.83] - 2018-11-08
### Added
- support for custom attributes based on new database columns
- support for the new Shopware PayPal Plus Plugin
### Changed
- Uses Shopgate Cart Integration SDK 2.9.77
### Fixed
- catch Shopware basket errors when validating items during check_stock

Version 2.9.82


  • Compatibility with Shopware 5.5.x

Version 2.9.81


  • order import error with customer was not found
  • test for CDN images in product export

Version 2.9.80


  • state validation for tax rules
  • export of externally hosted product images

Version 2.9.79

  • 2.9.79
  • - line item totals in order confirmation mails
  • - tax calculation for international orders
  • - add order error with missing currency factor

Version 2.9.78



- compatibility with the Payone plugin

- adjustment for exporting attributes as part of the product description when attributes returned with empty elements

Version 2.9.77

Fixed missing shipping methods in cart validation

Fixed compatibility with the Payone plugin

Fixed acquisition of availability text

Fixed cart rule validation

Fixed shipping method mapping

Fixed exporting selected attributes as part of the product description

Fixed how payment surcharge is deducted from shipping costs

Version 2.9.76


- error in cart validation

Version 2.9.75

- Fixed identification of the main image for parent products in export- Fixed base price in the product export- Fixed encoding issue in the product export- Fixed add price group in product export- Fixed handling of shopgate special offers

Version 2.9.74

Version 2.9.74
* fixed payment surcharges are not exported as shipping costs anymore in case of free shipping
* fixed default birthday value for Shopware 5.2.0 and higher versions
* fixed export of adresses in get_customer
* fixed export of shipping methods in check_cart
* fixed export of payment methods in check_cart
* fixed payment mapping for paymorrow
* fixed review item uid assignment
* fixed amazon payment mapping

Version 2.9.73

* added support for smarty variables within the available text during item export

* fixed missing attributes for item export in plugin configuration

* fixed wrong payment status when importing Paymorrow orders

* fixed wrong shipping costs in check_cart

Version 2.9.72

* fixed URL in product redirect

Version 2.9.71

Version 2.9.71


- when using batch processing to change order statuses to shipped or cancelled those changes will now also be synchronized to Shopgate for orders placed via Shopgate (props to LexXxurio)


- changed redirect so it is done for the parent product rather than the first variant


- a bug that would cause import failures for orders that contained Shopgate coupons

Version 2.9.69

* Fixed attribute translation issue* Fixed redirect for variants* Corrected item number of products in orders returned to display in app or mobile website to correct missing image and link

Version 2.9.68

* added check for category streams so they can be applied correctly* fixed omitting net-only customer groups in tax export* modified method of getting Shopware order number for mobile orders. It now uses native Shopware method.

Version 2.9.67

* fixed an incompatibility with PHP versions below 5.4

Version 2.9.65

* Added support for custom field "customer_comment" in order addresses

Version 2.9.64

Version 2.9.64* fixed product redirect* uses Shopgate Library 2.9.65

Version 2.9.63

Version 2.9.63
* add support for custom field "customer_comment"
* enabled embedding iOS smartbanner and native app deeplinks if enabled in Shopgate Merchant Admin
* add new event to manipulate coupon information in cart "Shopgate_CheckCart_Voucher_FilterInfo"
* add new event to add or filter coupons in cart/order "Shopgate_LoadVoucher_FilterResult"

Version 2.9.62

Version 2.9.62

* improved logging

* fixed issue while loading configuration

* fixed missing prices for products from deactivated categories

* fixed missing tax rates

Version 2.9.61

* Improved export of stream categories* Added support for selection based stream categories* Default values for attributes of customers, billing addresses and shipping addresses are now saved upon importing orders* Fixed missing payment methods in check cart response

Version 2.9.60

* improved handling of product stream categories in Shopware 5.1* fixed issue preventing redirect of start page when it is a blog page and plugin configuration allows blogs to be redirected* fixed item export issue in case only one root category exists* added support of payment method BestitAmazonPay* fixed an issue where the customers birthday was not correctly transmitted to shopware

Version 2.9.59

Version 2.9.59* added support for product stream categories and Shopware 5.1* fixed issue in fetching customer in Shopware below 5.0* fixed missing tax rates

Version 2.9.58

Version 2.9.58* fixed problem with missing address parts in order import* improved performance of product export, in case product streams are used* fixed configuration of the attribute export for Shopware 5.2

Version 2.9.57

Excluded rejected and incomplete/cancelled orders from being exported to shopgate via get_orders

Version 2.9.56

* Improved default value for order status* Added additional payment information in order attributes for amazon payment orders

Version 2.9.55

Version 2.9.55* fixed free shipping for products in the item export* uses Shopgate Library 2.9.60

Version 2.9.54

Version 2.9.54* fixed orders always being imported into the default shop for Shopware versions 5.2 or higher* implemented exclusion of specific products from the item export* fixed performance issues caused by the plugin if activated* uses Shopgate Library 2.9.59

Version 2.9.53

* Fixed issues with php7* Removed php5.3 incompatible array syntax* Uses Shopgate Library 2.9.58* Fixed saving shopgate configuration values via plugin api method set_settings* Improved base price calculation* Improved cart validation

Version 2.9.52

Version 2.9.52
* implemented support of categories with product streams for Shopware 5.2* improved compatibility with the Shopware License Manager* fixed issue in installation process of the module itself

Version 2.9.51

Version 2.9.51* fixed tax export* improved coupon validation* fixed issue in installation process of the module itself

Version 2.9.50

Version 2.9.50* fixed shipping addresses in order import

Version 2.9.49

Version 2.9.49* improved state code recognition in addresses* improved synchronization of canceled orders* fixed error during order import for registered customers* fixed billing addresses in order import

Version 2.9.48

* Plugin is now compatible with Shopware 5.2

Version 2.9.47

* Fixed bug in order import

Version 2.9.46

* Fixed bug in order synchronisation* Fixed bug in tax export

Version 2.9.45

* Added supplier number to product export

Version 2.9.44

* fixed export of inactive tax rules* fixed export in case of multi shops* fixed category sort order in product export* now mapping SEPA debit payment method

Version 2.9.43

Version 2.9.43* fixed order import issue related to SwagDHL* now adding EAN to items in order import* improved available text in product export

Version 2.9.42

* Fixed issue with the export of child products without tierprices

* Fixed issue with product taxes in order import

* Fixed bug in cart validation: missing payment method

* Fixed bug in cart product export: missing products

* Improved mapping for PayPal+ Invoice orders

Version 2.9.40

Version 2.9.40* improved pseudoprice detection

Version 2.9.39

Version 2.9.39* file downloads can now be exported in the product description* improved export of payment methods for registered customers in check_cart

Version 2.9.38

Version 2.9.38* Improved add_order: now setting the customernumber in the billingaddress

Version 2.9.37

Version 2.9.37* fixed a bug in product export: inactive details were exported as saleable

Version 2.9.36

Version 2.9.36* added a fallback in case that json_encode returns false (failure)* added new constant ShopgateLibraryException::CART_ITEM_INVALID_PRODUCT_COMBINATION* added a fallback in case that json_encode or json_decode return false (failure)* added escaping to the mobile redirect of search queries

Version 2.9.35

Version 2.9.35* fixed price export for article details* payment methods are now synched to shopgate via get_settings* check_cart now returns all valid payment methods for current cart* fixed error during addOrder concerning missing stateID* fixed error get_customer concerning missing street numbers

Version 2.9.34

Version 2.9.34* fixed product not found error in check_cart in case simple product was configured as variant article* fixed bug in shopgate plugin settings: attributes drop-down was empty in Shopware 5.x* fixed bug add_order: parent SKU was not always used* fixed issue with missing Amazon button when AmazonPaymentsAdvanced is also installed

Version 2.9.33

Version 2.9.33* improved handling of custom fields* fixed missing shipping methods in cart validation method

Version 2.9.32

Version 2.9.32* extended support of purchase steps* added possibility to redirect index blog pages* fixed a bug with child products without tier price data* uses shopgate Library 2.9.36* fix address items for shopware 5.x.x

Version 2.9.31

Version 2.9.31* fixed bug with missing images for children* fixed bug with missing sale_prices for children in subshops* set default position to 450 for event listener "Shopware_Modules_Order_SendMail_Send"* removed logic to prevent exporting tier prices with an amount of zero* order import: payment info wasn't always displayed correctly

Version 2.9.30

Version 2.9.30

* fixed category export for shopware versions below 4.3.3

* updated Shopgate Library to 2.9.33

* native support of PayPal Plus payments

* fixed bug in exporting products that have only one child product

* fixed bug in image export for simple products

* fixed bug in ping function

Version 2.9.29

Version 2.9.29* fixed bug in xml export for parent products without any children* fixed bug in add_order with a voucher* fixed product review export* fixed issue in category export* fixed issue in product image export* fixed an incompatibility with PHP versions below 5.4

Version 2.9.28

* fixed setting addition order information country for mail templates

* plugin is now compatible with Shopware 5.1

* fixed incomplete uids for related products in product export

* added search and brand redirect type

* fixed wrong tierprices in product export in case of deleted customer groups

* fixing issue with add_order, overwriting address state

Version 2.9.27

'''Version 2.9.27'''

* fixed issue in Shopgate configuration

* fixed issue in product export concerning stacked products

* fixed tax class in product export

Version 2.9.26

Version 2.9.26* live check for shopping cart supports customer groups now* reworked tax export

Version 2.9.25

* fixed issue with missing street number

* return stock quantity for products in cart validation functionality

* fixed a bug where coupons were not substracted from an order's total net amount

* fixed prodcut not found bug if csv export is still used

Version 2.9.24

Version 2.9.22

Version 2.9.21

* uses Shopgate Library 2.9.19

Version 2.9.18

* fixed a display error for payment costs in the order confirmation email
* fixed a bug that prevented using the REST API in some configurations
* changed date format in reviews export to prevent errors when importing to shopgate

Version 2.9.16

Version 2.9.16
* get_settings: tax rates/rules were not exported correctly
* fixed error with minimum quantity in product export
* export (XML): products that have been deactivated in Shopware are not exported anymore

Version 2.9.15

Version 2.9.15
* get_customer: tax class wasn't exported
* add_order: fixed a bug concerning the payment method
* export (XML/CSV): products that have been deactivated in Shopware are now exported inactive/not saleable as well

Version 2.9.10

Version 2.9.4

'''Version 2.9.4'''
* Added order synchronisation (library function get_orders)
* Export allowed shipping countries to mobile website
* Improved compatibility to Shopware < 4.2.x

Version 2.9.3

Version 2.9.3
* Removed unnecessary configuration for mapping of incoming shopgate orders
* implemented method check_stock to be able to check stock in realtime
* Added support for plugin SwagDHL
* Orders with PayPal will be mapped to the payment module SwagPaymentPaypal
* Fixed problem with export of properties
* Fixed problem with wrong base price
* Fixed problem with wrong row price in order email
* Uses Shopgate Library 2.9.6

Version 2.7.1

Version 2.7.2

Version 2.2.2

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