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  • 1.0.2
  • 3 Sep 2020
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  • 5.6.0 – 5.6.8
Box - Die Abholstation  is a service for e-commerce and other service providers. The service... more

Product information


  • No setup fees or monthly costs for plugin use*
  • Simple and fast integration into your shopware online shop
  • Delivery via all parcel service providers possible
  • Selection of precisely fitting compartment sizes (from S to XL) for delivery to the pick-up station
  • * Use of the Service Box - Die Abholstation is subject to a fee. Billing is transaction-based ("pay per use") from the time of delivery to the collection point. The corresponding prices are agreed with the sales department when the contract is concluded. There is a 30-day trial period free of charge. Invoicing is usually on a monthly basis.


  • Additional shipping option for your customers in the checkout process
  • Status overview of all deliveries in the shopware backend
  • Automatic e-mail notifications to your customers when the shipment status changes


Box - Die Abholstation is a service for e-commerce and other service providers. The service gives you access to a network of open and automated pick-up stations (currently Hamburg Box at around 20 highly frequented locations). By using Box - Die Abholstation, you enable your customers to pick up shipments reliably and at flexible times along their daily routes.
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Installation manual

1. Register with Box - Die Abholstation for the check-out integration option

2. Download the plugin from the Shopware Store

3. Once the registration process for your account with Box - The Pickup Station is complete, you can retrieve your Client ID and Key in your profile settings in the associated portal

4. Go to the plugin manager in your shopware backend and search for "Box - Die Abholstation"

5. Now activate the plugin, enter your Client ID and the corresponding key and get started! 

The maintenance of our official plugin is done by the Shopware partner Shoplutions. Further information about the service Box - Die Abholstation can be found at

To synchronize the available pick-up stations / locations, a CLI command "shoplbox:locations:load" is supplied with this plugin, which you can execute directly via the Shopware "console". Please execute this command after you have stored the access data in the administration area, this will initially load the entries. In addition, this command should be set up as a cron job, which is executed regularly. This also synchronizes any status updates for the locations.
Example for the command call in a standard Shopware instance:

php bin/console shoplbox:locations:load

Please note that the available locations differ in the demo and live environment.


Version 1.0.2

Small improvements for label generator, webhook notificiations and backend.

Version 1.0.1

Bugfixes Checkout

New Event Transaction Started

Version 1.0.0

initial release version 1.0.0

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Current version:



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