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  • 21 Nov 2019
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  • 5.6.0 – 5.6.2
All invoices, delivery notes, credits, and other documents that you download from the backend... more

Product information


  • Many different Smarty variables
  • Compatible with Pickware documents


  • Own template for document names


All invoices, delivery notes, credits, and other documents that you download from the backend usually have the document number as file name. However, if you want to save or archive those documents, it may be useful to change the names of the documents. For example, use the date of the order, the first and last name of the customer, or the order numbers as placeholders in the document name. For example, "20001.pdf" becomes "2019-11-20_invoice_Max_Mustermann.pdf". Using the plugin configuration, you can maintain a template for the document name and use various variables from the order, the user or the document.

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Installation manual

Install the plugin as usual via the plugin manager. Then empty the caches of your shop. There is already a standard template for the documents. The Template can be found at the settings of the plugin. It is a text input field. In this field you can configure the template.

Below you will find some example configurations of the document name

  • Dokument_{$} will result in Dokument_Invoice.pdf
  • {$}_{$user.customernumber}_{$order.ordernumber} will result in 1_20003_20001.pdf
  • {$order.ordertime|date_format:"%Y-%m-%d"}_{$document.key}_{$}_{$user.lastname}_{$user.firstname} will result in 2019-11-20_invoice_2_Mustermann_Max.pdf

If the name of the document has not changed
If the document name is unchanged, you probably have an error in your template. Please check the plugin logs and fix the error in your template.

Popular mistakes are

  • Forgotten dollar sign {document.key} -> {$document.key}
  • Forgotten bracket $document.key} -> {$document.key}
  • Double bracket {{$document.key} -> {$document.key}

The following characters are allowed in the names of the files:

  •  A-Z
  •  a-z
  •  0-9
  •  -_.

All other characters are replaced by an underscore. German umlauts are converted into a double character. For example, an Ä becomes an AE.

Other variables you may use

  • {$}
  • {$user.salutation}
  • {$user.firstname}
  • {$user.lastname}
  • {$user.customernumber}
  • {$user.customergroup}
  • {$}
  • {$order.ordernumber}
  • {$order.ordertime}
  • {$}
  • {$document.key}
  • {$}


  • If you are familiar with the Shopware database, you can use all the fields of the s_order, s_user, and s_core_documents tables as variables.
  • You can use the full Smarty syntax in the template. So you can also format date fields with date_format as in the example above. Details can be found here:


Version 1.0.1

Catched exception;Write errors to plugin log;Added filename sanitation;Added types in code

Version 1.0.0

This is the first release

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Current version:


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