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  • 22 Mar 2021
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Crystal LIFT - A World of Dialogue The Crystal LIFT Suite combines proven and modern... more

Product information


  • Seamless integration of the Deutsche Post TriggerDialog service
  • Personalized advertising mail in print format (postcards, letters, etc.)
  • Automatic campaign control
  • High-quality production of addressed ad mailings
  • Fast and reliable delivery


  • Ad-hoc campaigns with bulk mailing
  • Automated, event-based campaigns
  • Deutsche Post TriggerDialog v1 Integration
  • Deutsche Post TriggerDialog v2 Integration
  • Encrypted communication


Crystal LIFT - A World of Dialogue

The Crystal LIFT Suite combines proven and modern marketing methods in a particularly innovative and comprehensive way, incorporating different marketing channels. The focus of the entire solution is on automation, ease of use and the flexibility of realizable marketing scenarios. Based on any event inside your Shopware store, various marketing measures and campaigns can easily be initiated across systems.

The current version of the Crystal LIFT plugin for Shopware 6 offers seamless integration with Deutsche Post Triggerdialog. In addition to classic online marketing, the integration enables customer reach using physical offline channels without additional opt-in! Make more of your customer base, because wih a little effort it meets all the requirements for a successful print marketing campaign.

Postcards or letters give the marketing campaigns a personal touch. The transmissions can be controlled automatically with the help of Crystal LIFT and Triggerdialog and are fully customized in terms of appearance and content, omnichannel-capable and can be combined with e-mail campaigns and other output channels. Print and online have never been more successful together.

The possibility of integrating paper-based, fully addressed advertising mail into online marketing strategies creates completely new conditions for building long-term customer relationships. A postcard with an individual message, a voucher, an invitation or a product advertisement has been shown to have a significantly higher impact. The latest practical tests also show strong uplift effects. In e-commerce in particular, the new 2020 CMC study shows above-average conversion rates of up to 4.9 percent for print mailings.
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Installation manual

Step 1 - Download and install the plugin

You can install the plugin via the Administration panel under Settings > System > Plugins > Shopware Store by searching for the current version of the STINA Crystal LIFT plugin, and selecting the download/install option. Alternatively, you can also download the plugin directly in the Shopware Store by visiting and searching for the STINA Crystal LIFT plugin.

Step 2 - STINA Account

In order to use the plugin and the underlying services, after installation in the admin area under Crystal LIFT, you need to log in using a valid STINA account. If you do not yet have a STINA account, you can register on our product website.

Step 3 - Registration with Deutsche Post

In the event that the "Deutsche Post Triggerdialog" product is used, a valid Deutsche Post customer account is required to use the associated external Deutsche Post services. This is also visible to the recipients of sent mailouts.

If you do not already have one, we will set up your Deutsche Post customer account for you free of charge. This is done using the data from your STINA account or on the basis of consent to the processing of information required for the use of Deutsche Post Triggerdialog.

Step 4 - Setting up the Crystal LIFT campaign

You can now create and configure campaigns in the admin area under Marketing > Crystal LIFT.


Version 1.0.1

- Update compatbility with current Shopware version.

- Code refactoring.

Version 1.0.0

- Ad-Hoc Campaigns

- Automated Campaigns

- Campaign management

- Deutsche Post TriggerDialog Integration

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