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Social Shopping
This feature is a component of our commercial versions, the Professional and Enterprise Edition.
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  • shopware AG
  • 1.3.4
  • 4 Feb 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
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A major trend in ecommerce: Using sales channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. in... more

Product information


  • Product synchronisation on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, etc.
  • Product export URLs for the respective sales channel
  • Synchronise individual product groups
  • Individual intervals for updating the channels
  • Included in the Professional Edition


  • Easily create and manage sales channels via the administration
  • Instagram, Facebook, Google and Pinterest product exports
  • Use Pinterest metadata to store products as pins


A major trend in ecommerce: Using sales channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. in the customer journey to increase sales and brand awareness. With our Social Shopping plugin, you can easily promote your products on the sales channels most relevant for your target groups - and reach your customers exactly where they are.


From your Shopware administration, you can easily create custom profiles for individual sales channels. Define dynamic product groups (e.g. “all products from X category”) that automatically update at regular intervals. The system will generate a product export URL which coordinates with the sales channel and can be easily integrated into the respective platform (e.g. Facebook). This way, your selected products are quickly connected with your social media channels and can be promoted in your next post.


This extension is included in the Professional Edition and is made automatically available with the purchase of the license.

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Customer reviews


Version 1.3.4

NEXT-12156 - Improves loading of products in Pinterest settings
SOC-36 - Improve entity definition

Version 1.3.3

SOC-8 - Fixes wrong tabs showing in Sales Channel detail page when creating a Sales Channel
SOC-17 - Fixes an issue where the prices of variants and products with advanced prices might be incorrect

Version 1.3.2

SOC-7 - Feeds are now only generated when Sales Channel is active
SOC-8 - Fixes wrong tabs showing in Sales Channel administration
SOC-11 - Fixes an issue with Google Shopping if a product has no category assigned
SOC-27 - Fixes an issue where the Plugin could not be installed on system languages other than English and German
SOC-29 - Fixes deletion of products with export errors

Version 1.3.1

SOC-21 - Added ACL privileges on plugin installation

Version 1.3.0

SOC-21 - Added ACL privileges

Version 1.2.0

PT-11921 - Added compatibility for Shopware 6.3

Version 1.1.1

PT-11683 - Fix export of products without manufacturer

Version 1.1.0

PT-11188 - Implemented integration tab into Sales Channel configuration
PT-11603 - Added compatibility for Shopware 6.2

Version 1.0.3

PT-11261 - The Social Shopping sales channel type is no longer visible if the plugin is uninstalled or deactivated

Version 1.0.2

PT-11189 - Removed duplicated product validation button

Version 1.0.1

PT-11122 - Replace plugin icon
PT-11187 - Fix displaying of snippets
PT-11199 - Improve install process of the plugin

Version 1.0.0

Initial release of the social shopping plugin for Shopware 6

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