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This feature is a component of our commercial versions, the Professional and Enterprise Edition.
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  • shopware AG
  • 2.2.1
  • 20 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – –
Do you want your customers to be able to quickly and easily view products without being removed... more

Product information


  • CMS functions
  • Quickview for your products
  • Updates with additional features
  • Can be used in Shopping Experiences, categories, landing pages and shop pages


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Included in the Professional Edition
  • CMS feature for your online shop
  • User-friendly Quickview for your products
  • Easy to activate for different product areas in the shop
  • Customers stay within the Shopping Experience through the Quickview
  • Can be activated for several product boxes


Do you want your customers to be able to quickly and easily view products without being removed from the shopping experience? With our CMS Extension plugin, you can activate the Quickview feature for your products, regardless of whether they’re listed in a Shopping Experience, landing page, category or shop page.

Another feature of the CMS-Extension is the scroll navigation. With this you have the possibility to set certain scroll points within your world of experience, to name them individually and to guide your customers perfectly through your world of experience.

The Quickview settings can be set in every commerce element and scroll navigation settings can be found on the detail pages of the Shopping Experiences.
This extension is included in the Professional Edition and is made automatically available to you with the purchase of the license.

Features of Quickview

  • Individually configurable in Shopping Experiences
  • Available on category pages, landing pages and shop pages
  • Scroll navigation points can be set and named individually 
  • Form-builder enables you to fully configure the forms according to your requirements. You can easily integrate and arrange fields within the form per drag & drop
  • With the Rule-Builder rules you can control the visibility of individual blocks on a CMS page

Immerse customers in your individually designed shop and present perfectly your products.

*Just update the CMS Extension regularly to get the new features!

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Customer reviews


Version 2.2.1

CMS-234 - Fixed submitting of custom forms, when using entity select on non-default languages

Version 2.2.0

CMS-58 - Implement Quickview feature for search listings
CMS-180 - Fixed invalid display and saving in form builder, when content language is not default
CMS-187 - Add Captcha support for custom forms
CMS-194 - Custom Form field can now be saved correctly again on create
CMS-194 - Storefront custom forms with selects using custom values can now be submitted again
CMS-195 - Added additional support for moving block cross section in CMS's navigator
CMS-195 - Removed the duplication button for custom forms in CMS's block navigator
CMS-201 - Fixed CMS Extension entities, when used with versioning

Version 2.1.0

CMS-107 - Changed quickview for already existing cms templates on install per default to "disabled"
CMS-108 - Scroll Navigation Point names do not break on invalid names anymore
CMS-128 - Show scroll up button in storefront on all viewports when scroll navigation is active
CMS-145 - Solved a problem when duplicating sections
CMS-146 - Added quickview option to cross selling slider
CMS-155 - Plugin is valid for the `dal:validate` console command

Version 2.0.1

CMS-151 - Hide unsupported Custom Products configuration display in quickview

Version 2.0.0

CMS-52 - Removed unnecessary overhead from CMS data tables
CMS-118 - Add compatibility with Shopware 6.4

Version 1.8.3

CMS-132 - Fix deactivation with custom forms

Version 1.8.2

CMS-130 - Only use feature flags to toggle admin features

Version 1.8.1

CMS-130 - Fix FormBuilder editor

Version 1.8.0

CMS-63 - Implemented form builder
CMS-114 - Add compatibility with Shopware

Version 1.7.2

CMS-56 - Adds explaining tooltip to BlockRule rule selection
CMS-82 - Fixes "Add to Cart" button showing for Customized Products with required options in QuickView

Version 1.7.1

CMS-51 - Fixed error that rules could not be deleted

Version 1.7.0

CMS-8 - Implemented CMS Block rule functionality
CMS-16 - Improved QuickView product loading

Version 1.6.0

CMS-27 - Added ACL privileges to the shopping world experiences module

Version 1.5.3

CMS-38 - Fixes wrong storefront filtering behaviour

Version 1.5.2

CMS-18 - Content behind a configured, collapsed Scroll Navigation sidebar are accessible again
CMS-20 - Multiple clicks do not open multiple QuickViews anymore

Version 1.5.1

CMS-5 - The navigation menu popup name is now displayed correctly in the Internet Explorer
CMS-7 - Fixed scroll buttons when animated scrolling is disabled
CMS-13 - Optimized scroll navigation for Shopware version and improved behavior on initial set up without animated scrolling

Version 1.5.0

PT-11676 - Add error visualization for section settings
PT-11919 - Shopware 6.3 compatibility
PT-11935 - Removed SnippetFiles to use generic core logic
PT-11952 - Fix animated scrolling activation via Administration

Version 1.4.0

PT-11317 - Fix switching variants in QuickView
PT-11462 - Add automated e2e testing
PT-11711 - Implements animated scrolling

Version 1.3.1

PT-11655 - Re-adjusted anchor position of a navigation point

Version 1.3.0

PT-11604 - 6.2 Compatibility
PT-11604 - Added Psalm integration

Version 1.2.0

PT-11314 - Hide options and "Add to Cart" button for Customize Products in QuickView
PT-11432 - Implement scroll navigation
PT-11447 - Quickview Images are not cut off anymore, if they are too big

Version 1.1.2

PT-11216 - Enable the QuickView configuration for cms blocks as well as product relevant slots
PT-11314 - Hide options and "Add to Cart" button for Customize Products in QuickView
PT-11502 - Fix displaying of product variant configurator in the QuickView

Version 1.1.1

PT-11442 - Fixed an error which occurred when loading the QuickView on shop pages without product listing

Version 1.1.0

PT-11143 - Modified the product box template, so that a QuickView is only loaded, when the corresponding product is active
PT-11195 - Add variant switch to the QuickView

Version 1.0.1

PT-11135 - Add a detail-page button to the quickview permanently

Version 1.0.0

Initial release with QuickView feature

About the manufacturer

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