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Custom Products
This feature is a component of our commercial versions, the Professional and Enterprise Edition.
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  • shopware AG
  • 2.6.5
  • 26 Oct 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – –
Create a unique shopping experience for your customers by making it possible for them to add... more

Product information


  • Offer customisable products for your shop
  • Maintenance of prices and premiums and discounts per option
  • Various configuration options, including checkbox, date field, text area, text field, number field and time
  • Any product with individual properties can be customised
  • Templates can be applied to multiple products


  • Easily manage all customisable products
  • Freely define property fields such as “Date” or “Name”
  • Friendly step-by-step instructions for your customers in the frontend
  • Real-time update of the product’s price
  • Percentage and absolute surcharges for customisation options
  • Clear overview of the logic in the shopping cart
  • Strengthen your rage through permalinks for products
  • Customised products are specifically marked as “Custom Products” in your administration


Create a unique shopping experience for your customers by making it possible for them to add personal touches to select products. Increase your sales and pursue niche markets of customers looking for one-of-a-kind products. This extension is included in the Professional Edition and is made automatically available to you with the purchase of the license.

Multiple configuration options

From the administration, you can easily create individual templates that customers can use to customise their products. Here you can enter various property fields and freely define which attributes and products can be customised. This can include anything from a slogan, date, name, etc. - the personal touches are limitless.

Create templates:

Do you want several of your product to offer similar customisation possibilities? No problem – you can create and assign templates to your products. These can include options such as checkboxes, text fields, and more. 

Step-by-step mode for usability

The step-by-step mode accompanies your customers through designing and purchasing the product, transparently showing them the current price of their customised item along the way. Your customers have a clear overview of any surcharges in the checkout.

Custom Products is updated with additional features on a regular basis* 

  • Definition of exclusions and rules
  • Clear presentation of the custom product in shopping cart, order confirmation, invoices, etc.
  • Possibility of using custom products as a "variant replacement" if inventory maintenance is not important
  • User-friendly step-by-step mode

*Just update your Custom Products plugin regularly to get the new features!

Take advantage of enormous sales opportunities with Custom Products!

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Customer reviews

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Schlechte Bestellzusammenfassung, Nach Neuinstallation des Plugins ganzer Shop kaputt

30 Sep 2020

Leider gibt es aktuell für Shopware 6 keine Alternativen. Nachdem wir das Plugin getestet haben konnten wir folgendes Feststellen: Die Bestellzusammenfassung des Plugins bei den Konfigurationen ist schrecklich. Darüber hinaus mussten wir das Plugin nach der Testphase entfernen, haben uns aber mangels Alternativen für eine Professional Edition entschieden um das Plugin weiter zu nutzen. Da das Plugin beim Löschen jedoch alle Tabellen die dazu gehören aus der Datenbank löscht und nach einer Neuinstallation diese nicht wieder anlegt wird der ganze Shop unbrauchbar, solange das Plugin aktiv ist.

shopware AG
1 Oct 2020

Hallo Steffan,
vielen Dank für das Feedback und die Bewertung unseres Plugins.

Wir haben das beschriebene Verhalten in unserer Testumgebung überprüft, können dieses aktuell jedoch nicht reproduzieren. Daher vermuten wir hier eine individuelle Ursache.
Dies wird unser technischer Support im bereits von Euch eingestellten Supportticket näher prüfen und Rückmeldung geben.

Viele Grüße aus Schöppingen
Das Team der Shopware AG


Version 2.6.5

CUS-86 - Fixes database migrations

Version 2.6.4

CUS-16 - Fixes a saving problem, when editing Custom Product option, which were initially created without any configuration
CUS-55 - Fixes deleting of Custom Product templates
CUS-60 - Fixes the positioning and table behaviour of the option types in the Custom Products module
CUS-61 - Added display of variation specification in the cart, when a Custom Products Template is applied
CUS-62 - Changed behaviour, that options are reacting to a key press instead of "change"
CUS-78 - Changed notification titles to Shopware default

Version 2.6.3

CUS-19 - Fixes the translation of price box for multilingual saleschannels
CUS-57 - Added variant specification display in order position overview
CUS-66 - Fixes writing of products without Custom Products data

Version 2.6.2

CUS-32 - Improve validation when updating options
CUS-49 - Order numbers are displayed correctly for products
CUS-50 - Fixes item link title in cart
CUS-58 - Fixes loading of Custom Products on the product detail page

Version 2.6.1

CUS-3 - Position of a border in the account section got adjusted

Version 2.6.0

CUS-6 - Added a setting that prompts the customer to confirm their entries

Version 2.5.1

CUS-29 - Custom Products can now be installed with different default languages

Version 2.5.0

CUS-1 - Upload option types can now be excluded
CUS-5 - Replace third party WYSIWYG editor with our own solution
CUS-10 - Improved media and error handling with Shopware's best practice
CUS-12 - Customers can now share their configuration from the product detail page and edit it through the cart process
CUS-14 - HTML-Editor formatting is now visible in the cart preview
CUS-15 - Buying of products with an empty Custom Products template is now possible
CUS-20 - Removes ability to jump from one page to another using the keyboard in step-by-step mode
CUS-22 - Sending test mails from the admin is now possible with Custom Products installed
CUS-24 - Added border around color selection for better visibility

Version 2.4.0

PT-11483 - Time field option min/max configuration fixed
PT-11563 - Sorting the option values is now possible
PT-11912 - Storefront snippets now get auto registered
PT-11918 - Shopware 6.3 compatibility
PT-11950 - The option value tree can be scrolled now
PT-11954 - Date / time fields show the correct value after saving again

Version 2.3.0

PT-11308 - Removed numberfield configuration for "decimal places", which was in contradiction to the "step size" configuration
PT-11310 - Time and date validation for the option types date field and time selection field implemented
PT-11370 - In storefront by clicking on an image in the image selection it will be displayed in a full screen view
PT-11452 - Implemented optional option collapsing, if the current option is valid and clicking into a new one
PT-11621 - Failed orders which contain one or more Custom Products can now be edited in the account
PT-11719 - Duplicating the product template is deactivated if the template has not yet been saved.
PT-11775 - Required options of the type file and image upload no longer block ordering a Custom Product
PT-11823 - The HTML editor is now correctly vertical aligned in step by step mode
PT-11840 - The "add product" button is back in the order module
PT-11881 - Compatibility for Safari and Internet Explorer 11
PT-11897 - File and image upload now return a correct error state when exceeding max file size or amount

Version 2.2.0

PT-11172 - Adjusted Custom Products option modal box to fixed size
PT-11288 - Relative surcharges are now listed correctly in the order confirmation mail
PT-11303 - The calculated custom product price, as well as the summary of the selected options, will be broken down right above the buy button
PT-11312 - Required options of the custom product are automatically unfolded on the product detail page
PT-11359 - One time relative surcharges are now calculated correctly
PT-11466 - Ensures compatibility between promotions and Customized Products
PT-11632 - Added navigation for elements that cannot be combined due to an exclusion
PT-11773 - Custom Products with unfilled required options can no longer be placed in the cart
PT-11774 - The step by step mode no longer cuts off the configuration for image and file uploads
PT-11868 - Implemented Multi select validation for step-by-step mode

Version 2.1.0

PT-11476 - Provides Store API endpoints

Version 2.0.0

PT-11724 - Deletes storefront uploads on uninstall
PT-11743 - Ensures the extensibility of the SalesChannelProductCriteria

Version 1.3.3

PT-11698 - Adjusted max display amount of options' selections
PT-11738 - Fixes uploads in the storefront
PT-11739 - Fix plugin installation for shops where the languages German and/or English are missing

Version 1.3.2

PT-11427 - Fixes displaying of absolute surcharges of template options and its values with non-default currencies
PT-11587 - Dokumentenerstellung verbessert
PT-11701 - Fixes duplication of templates

Version 1.3.1

PT-11652 - Fixes an error where the upload endpoint is incorrectly
PT-11651 - Fixes a bug where certain file names could not be uploaded
PT-11164 - Fixes bug which prevented uploading the same file twice in a row

Version 1.3.0

PT-11607 - Shopware 6.2 compatibility
PT-11474 - Implemented duplication of custom products
PT-11426 - Implemented exclusion handling
PT-10937 - Implemented file and image upload

Version 1.2.1

NTR - Fix account order overview

Version 1.2.0

PT-10906 - Adds step-by-step mode
PT-11306 - Adds option values count column which outputs the amount of assigned option values
PT-11309 - Changes naming of "order number" to "option product number" in options
PT-11314 - Improves compatibility with QuickView of CMS extension plugin
PT-11316 - Adds assignment information box
PT-11355 - Line breaks are now visible in the cart
PT-11422 - Adds HTML editor option
PT-11441 - Fixes the german translation of the description field of an option
PT-11454 - Fixes indentation of selection options
PT-11482 - Removes placeholder field from the number field option
PT-11496 - Prices will only be displayed next to the value when the option is a selection
PT-11554 - Fixes HTML editor configuration possibilities

Version 1.1.0

PT-10720 - Improves error handling in option modal
PT-11110 - Improves extension of documents
PT-11226 - Fixes link to product detail page from order module
PT-11227 - Adds surcharge information to orders of Custom Products and fixes the price in its parent position listing
PT-11236 - Solves an issue with validation of colorpicker
PT-11249 - Solves an issue where price rules couldn't be added
PT-11250 - Solves an issue with invalid selection options
PT-11253 - Replaced checkboxes with toggle switches
PT-11255 - Fixes required field of selection options in storefront
PT-11278 - Applys style fixes for Storefront surcharges
PT-11279 - Extension of the order module optimized
PT-11280 - Adds the new cart layout to order history
PT-11282 - Hide list prices in option modal
PT-11286 - Fixes editing of the name of tree items. Adds a button to add a subelement
PT-11289 - Description for option types is now displayed in the storefront
PT-11290 - Solves an issue with display of surcharge in cart
PT-11302 - Adds imageselect to option types
PT-11307 - Removed the unnecessary required option from the checkbox option type
PT-11311 - Add expand and shrink function to text options in cart
PT-11315 - Optimizes placeholders
PT-11352 - Implements imageselect renderer for the order overview
PT-11362 - Option surcharges are now calculated via actual price of quantity 1

Version 1.0.0

PT-11144 - Solves an issue where Custom Products wouldn't work with product variants
PT-11145 - Solves an issue where required options wouldn't get validated
PT-11149 - Enables reordering of Custom Products in the storefront account
PT-11150 - Introduce error handling to the administration
PT-11151 - Solves an issue where the empty state of the option listing disappears
PT-11154 - Solves an issue where same configured products wouldn't get grouped
PT-11162 - Adds the new cart layout
PT-11180 - Solves an issue where Custom Products could be bought without configuring them
PT-11198 - Solves an issue with order document creation
PT-11218 - Enhances managing the translations of options
PT-11219, PT-11208, PT-11159 - Storefront style optimizations
PT-11220 - Solves an issue with the order confirmation mail
PT-11236 - Optimizes option handling in the storefront

Version 0.9.0

Initial Custom Products release for Shopware 6

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