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  • 1.1.4
  • 25 Aug 2021
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Your online shop is your showroom with Shopware Would you like to upgrade your online shop with... more

Product information


  • Quick and light design
  • Developed by Shopware
  • Can be used in every sector
  • Very good scalability
  • Designed for mobile and tablet


  • High quality standard, made with care
  • Modern design
  • Focused on the perfect product presentation
  • Suitable for any sector
  • Covers it all from small to large product ranges
  • The theme can be extended through the use of apps and plugins
  • Optimised for a good user experience
  • Customisable footer colour
  • Shop logo in the footer


Your online shop is your showroom with Shopware

Would you like to upgrade your online shop with a new, stylish and clean design? Then you have already selected the right theme – Shopware’s “Showroom” theme offers you just that.
With Shopware’s very own design, you can give your online shop a whole new look. Configure your unique design from the header to the shop logo by using the configuration options available directly in the app. This way, you can make the most of the variety that the “Showroom” theme has to offer, and present your products in the best way possible. You can use this theme in any sector.

One of the most important objectives for any shop operator

Guide your customers on their purchasing path and make them want to visit your shop again in the future. Using “Showroom”, provides you with a minimalist and concise design. Your customers will be able to browse through and buy from your shop as easily as possible. This becomes a recurring theme throughout your design so that even the menu bar is kept clean and small to ensure the optimum presentation of your products and details.

A design for your success

When developing the carefully thought out and modern design, we focused on the unique presentation of your products as that’s exactly what “Showroom” is – the perfect showroom for your items. This is how the mobile-friendly “Showroom” theme enables you to guide your customers to the right products and details. It does not distract them unnecessarily from their purchasing intentions regardless of the terminal device they’re shopping on. And it’s not just your products that benefit from an impressive presentation – you can also present your company story, worlds of experience and shop pages using the “Showroom” design. The minimal emphasis of the elements creates a perfect frame for each shop page and product.

Your design is your showroom with Shopware.

Get started now and design your own Shopware online shop with a design that suits you best. We will help you achieve success with Shopware.

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Customer reviews


Version 1.1.4

  • TSR-461 - [Upgrade] Shopware version v6.4.4.0

Version 1.1.3

  • TSR-444 - Paypal Express is missing in Cross Selling
  • TSR-446 - Integration into Gitlab

Version 1.1.2

  • TSR-440 - Newsletter registration in footer is not compatible with captcha integration
  • TSR-441 - Remove PHP Snippet files

Version 1.1.1

  • TSR-412 - Weird image slider behaviour on a product detail page
  • TSR-421 - Product name is cut off in listing product box
  • TSR-424 - Multiple issues with buybox in listing page
  • TSR-425 - Amazon pay is not compatible with the Showroom theme
  • TSR-426 - Custom Product: Date field can not be used in mobile
  • TSR-427 - Custom products: Configuration is barely readable
  • TSR-428 - Custom product: File Upload button is overlapping
  • TSR-429 - My Extensions - Theme App Symbol
  • TSR-430 - Footer service menu - items do not break correctly
  • TSR-431 - Comment field in checkout is breaking the design.
  • TSR-1 - Basic Setup and Styles
  • TSR-6 - PE Plugin styles
  • TSR-7 - General layout
  • TSR-9 - Error Pages
  • TSR-10 - Checkout pages
  • TSR-11 - Account pages
  • TSR-12 - Product Detail Pages
  • TSR-13 - CMS Pages
  • TSR-115 - Storefront Features Update
  • TSR-371 - Shopware theme updates
  • TSR-434 - Remove legacy code related to VatId
  • TSR-435 - Paypal in Cloud update
  • TSR-437 - Captcha Solution
  • TSR-438 - Support nested LineItems

Version 1.1.0


  • [TSR-347] - CMS: Quickview is missing arrow icons in navigation buttons
  • [TSR-383] - Add to wishlist on product detail page is not in the correct position
  • [TSR-384] - Indicator in wishlist icon is missing, which shows how many products currently are in the wishlist
  • [TSR-385] - Unable to expand/collapse the registration/login form on checkout/register
  • [TSR-386] - language switch doesn't work anymore
  • [TSR-387] - Switching to commercial does not show company and department fields
  • [TSR-390] - Using mobile view breaks design of the header
  • [TSR-391] - Incorrect wishlist icon in the wishlist overview
  • [TSR-392] - CMS PDP does not work with Showroom
  • [TSR-393] - Changing address during checkout/confirm not possible
  • [TSR-394] - Padding left and right is missing in footer
  • [TSR-395] - Design Polishing: Filter button on mobile needs padding
  • [TSR-396] - wrong textcolor in variant-select
  • [TSR-397] - Design Polishing: mistaken alignment of icon and text
  • [TSR-399] - Possibility to delete a customer account is missing
  • [TSR-400] - PayPal iFrame is cut off in checkout
  • [TSR-401] - Design Polishing: Background grey color should use the full height
  • [TSR-402] - Description of shipping method has wrong colour
  • [TSR-403] - No space between payment/shipping method images in footer
  • [TSR-404] - Category navigation can lead to the wrong category
  • [TSR-405] - CMS Extension: Add to cart button to small
  • [TSR-406] - View documents does not work with Showroom
  • [TSR-407] - Language switch disappears
  • [TSR-409] - Paypal Express Button is outside of product box
  • [TSR-410] - Add to cart button is not translated
  • [TSR-411] - Cloud: text snippets are not correctly displayed
  • [TSR-413] - Thumbnails in image slider are cut off at the left
  • [TSR-414] - The clickable area of the hover box is not really working
  • [TSR-415] - Navigation Arrows of image slider is positioned wrong in CMS quickview
  • [TSR-416] - CMS Extension: Unable to open the quickview twice
  • [TSR-417] - CMS Extension: wishlist icon missing in quickview
  • [TSR-418] - Custom Products not working with Showroom and custom PDP
  • [TSR-419] - Switching Variants is broken
  • [TSR-420] - Variants in buy box can only be changed once
  • [TSR-423] - Wishlist and custom buybox in listing page breaks the page


  • [TSR-1] - Basic Setup and Styles
  • [TSR-6] - PE Plugin styles
  • [TSR-7] - General layout
  • [TSR-9] - Error Pages
  • [TSR-10] - Checkout pages
  • [TSR-11] - Account pages
  • [TSR-12] - Product Detail Pages
  • [TSR-13] - CMS Pages
  • [TSR-115] - Storefront Features Update
  • [TSR-371] - Shopware theme updates


  • [TSR-65] - Update design to newest Shopware version
  • [TSR-76] - Test Ticket to close
  • [TSR-367] - Wish list page
  • [TSR-372] - "from" prices for variant products update
  • [TSR-373] - Paypal in Cloud update
  • [TSR-374] - CMS - Product Page Layouts update
  • [TSR-375] - Payment selection / Checkout update
  • [TSR-376] - Reworked the cheapest price concept Dev update
  • [TSR-377] - Service navigation move from header to footer update
  • [TSR-378] - Display of variants as a dropdown update
  • [TSR-379] - Save Cart/Product on Wishlist Update
  • [TSR-388] - Product detail breadcrumb
  • [TSR-389] - Fix JavaScript Plugin Issues

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