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Shopware Storytelling

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Advanced Feature
Advanced features are a component of our commercial versions, the Professional and Enterprise Edition. You can find out here. which advanced features and services you can benefit from in each version.
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This extension cannot be used in a Shopware Cloud shop.
Shopware 6 status
There will be no Shopware 6 successor for this app. The functionalities of this app are already included in Shopware 6 (Professional Edition)
  • shopware AG (only with commercial shopware version)
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  • Swag986953104487t
  • shopware AG
  • 3.3.5
  • 22 Apr 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 5.0.0 – 5.0.4
    5.1.0 – 5.1.6
    5.2.0 – 5.2.27
    5.3.0 – 5.3.7
    5.4.0 – 5.4.6
    5.5.0 – 5.5.10
    5.6.0 – 5.6.10
    5.7.0 – 5.7.3
Tell your own story Nothing lasts quite like a good story – a completely novel feature for... more

Product information

Tell your own story

Nothing lasts quite like a good story – a completely novel feature for Shopping Worlds, Storytelling allows you to guide customers’ through your shop with a compelling narrative. Through engagement on a personal level, customers are able to develop completely individual ties with your brand.

Modelled after the experience of exploring a physical store, Storytelling transfers the emotional impact of discovering that “perfect item” to an online scenario. This feature takes your product presentation to the next level – where they are not only presented, but also tailored to coordinate with the context of their moods and values.

Seamless and atmospheric

Storytelling creates coherent shopping experiences across several devices – the voice and style will not be lost by changing the device.

Sideview - Let curiosity take control

An emotional catalyst, Sideview is an additional element of any balanced, inspired shopping experience. After clicking or touching an image of interest, the customer is presented further details of the items contained within the image.

This engaging approach to browsing and discovering new treasures not only creates a truly memorable shopping experience, but also contributes to exceptional usability.

Quickview — A never-ending experience

With Shopware 5, customers are more likely to remain in your online store due to the deep emotional involvement experienced during their visit – an essential relationship that is further supported by Quickview. When a customer clicks or touches a banner or product, a more detailed information page is displayed.

With interest, the customer is free to save the item to their personal wish list or purchase directly. Your customers can close Quickview whenever they choose and return to the same place in your online shop. Nothing disrupts the unity of the Shopping World, narrative and emotion – neither navigation nor the device being used during the customer’s journey.

Whitepaper / Tutorial Storytelling Shopware 5

Purchase products directly from Shopping Worlds

Customers can make purchases directly from the product listing, leading to an even better shopping experience – especially on mobile devices. This means that the customer journey will never be interrupted by reloading the page.

Global for all product detail pages

The Quickview function can be activated in all sliders and listings. When your customers click on a product, the product will pop up as an overlay in the QuickView module. The customer journey will no longer be interrupted due to page reload.

Quickview for the product listing

Alternatively, you can use Quickview only for the “Details” button. All you have to do is activate the option “Display purchase button in the listing” in your basic settings.

When your customer clicks on the product’s detail button, they can easily select the desired colour, size, etc. of the product and place it directly in the shopping cart.

Please note: 
This is an Advanced Feature of the Shopware 5 Professional Edition.


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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 5 reviews:


Thank You!

23 Jul 2018

We monitor our shop using Google Analytics and noticed that the time spent on landing pages that use Storytelling are considerably longer than the rest of our website. The bounce rates are also lower than the normal product or category pages. Moreover, Storytelling landing pages are ranked highly on Google. We have nothing but good words to say about this add-on.


Wie aus der Steinzeit.

21 May 2018

Wie aus der digitalen Steinzeit. Jedes anderes System hat einen besseren Page Builder (siehe z.B. dutzende für Wordpress, CsCart, Prestashop und viele mehr). Ein Alptraum für Leute, die auf freie Layout-Gestaltung und SEO Wert legen.


Mobil nicht einsetzbar

15 Sep 2017

Trotz diverser Reports, ist dieses Feature auf Mobilen Geräten weiterhin nicht einsetzbar. Das Storytelling-Feature wurde so gebaut, dass Footer-Content, der über 100% der Bildschirmhöhe einnimmt, nicht aufgerufen werden kann. D.h., dass selbst in der Shopware-Demo mobil Buttons oder Footer-Menü-Elemente nicht aufgerufen werden können.
Auf Fehler-Reports im Issue-Tracker wird wie gewohnt nicht adequat reagiert.


Funktioniert - Must Have Produkt - jeden Penny Wert!

4 Jan 2017

der Left Side Manager füllt einer der Lücken wenn es um optische Werbung in Shopware 5.0 geht. Und davon gibt es noch ne Menge. Daraus könnte man ein Premium Plug machen.

Die Installation ist einfach wie bei den meisten Plug´s.
Danach bekommt man eine Vorlage, in den man händisch per HTML-Code, Banner auf der Linken Seite darstellen kann. Etwas HTML ist Pflicht ! sonst geht da gar nichts.

Eine Hilfe wie man ein Bild mit verlinkung in die Kategorie oder zum Produkt realisiert, gibt es nicht. Das Tool ist also nichts für Vollblut Anfänger.

Hilfe bekommt man aber im Netz.
Der Support war freundlich und bei uns immer erreichbar.

+ plus
Das Tool ist jeden Penny wert....
Es ist einfach zu Installieren
Es macht genau das was es soll
Es funktioniert hervorragend
Der Support ist gut

- minus ( das kann besser Sein)

Das Tool sollten man Direkt im Menu aufrufen können.

Eine kleine Hilfestellung bei den Verlinkungen
sollte eventuell mitgeliefert werden, eventuell mit einem kleinen Aufpreis
das wäre OK. Denn jeder möchte für seine Arbeit bezahlt werden.

have a nice day


****** Respekt *******

15 Aug 2015

Respekt vor dem Shopware-Team, was Ihr mit der Shopware 5 gemeistert habt. Vor allem dieses Plugin bringt dem Kunden den Wunsch zum kaufen näher.


Installation manual

This plugin is an advanced feature - component exclusive of our Professional Versions and Enterprise Version. This Plugin can be donwload directly from your Shopware Account after purchasing one of the Professional or Enterprise Versions.


Version 3.3.5

PT-9534 - Improves the behaviour of anchors in StoryTelling mode

Version 3.3.4

PT-7396 - Improves image quality for the banner in the sideview element
PT-9574 - Improves the resetting of the product configuration in the quick view
PT-12127 - Shopware 5.7 and PHP8 compatibility

Version 3.3.3

PT-11205 - Fix displaying bug of the cookie manger

Version 3.3.2

PT-10893 - Links in the sideview element now redirect to the correct variant
PT-11168 - Improve extension via third party plugins

Version 3.3.1

PT-10965 - Ensure visibility of the cookie bar

Version 3.3.0

PT-10422 - Shopware 5.6 compatibility

Version 3.2.1

PT-9490 - Improve compatibility with other plugins

Version 3.2.0

PT-9174 - Shopware 5.5 compatibility

Version 3.1.4

PT-9053 - Moved QuickView Checkbox
PT-9065 - Prevent displaying of product listings below Storytelling

Version 3.1.3

PT-9066 - Fix problem on update

Version 3.1.2

PT-7239 - Fix problem on update

Version 3.1.1

PT-7239 - MediaGarbageCollector compatibility
PT-8024 - Improve scroll behaviour in the footer area on mobile viewport
PT-8895 - Configured link target is now considered correctly

Version 3.1.0

PT-8810 - Shopware 5.4 compatibility

Version 3.0.0

PT-8126 - Migration to the Shopware 5.2 plugin system
PT-8426 - The sideview element loads now the correct image size

Version 2.1.2

PT-8375 - Improve compatibility with Product Advisor
PT-8376 - Fixed the Quickview after loading the 'previous page' with infinite scrolling

Version 2.1.1

PT-8190 - compatibility with Advanced Cart
PT-8233 - Fix translation of plugin configuration
PT-8247 - Fix error in OffCanvas cart with Storytelling and Quickview

Version 2.1.0

PT-8037 - The QuickView functionality could now be enabled in product listings and sliders
PT-7952, PT-8050 - Fixed displaying of buy button text
PT-7945, PT-8048 - Fixed problem with variant change
PT-8072 - Fixed variants links in SideView element

Version 1.1.5

PT-7697 - Probleme on saving the shopping world with an empty SideView element
PT-8017 - Styling issue in backend module

Version 2.0.1

PT-7949 - Fix issue on updating the plugin
PT-7697 - Error on saving an empty SideView element

Version 1.1.4

PT-7943 - The Quickview displayed the wrong products sometimes
PT-7947 - Problem with scrolling in Quickview

Version 2.0.0

PT-7256, PT-7638, SW-16649, SW-17933, SW-18611 - Shopware 5.3 compatibility
SW-16697 - Buy from Quick-View (Shopware 5.3)
SW-16697 - Select product variants in shopping world elements (Shopware 5.3)

Version 1.1.3

PT-7464 - Fix PHP7 issue
PT-7674 - Update translations
SW-17705 - Fix problem with automatic rotating product sliders and Quick-View element

Version 1.1.2

PT-4455 - Bugfix: Implement SecureUninstall
PT-5902 - Bugfix: Problem with Firefox browser

Version 1.1.1

PT-5872 - Bugfix: Shopware 5.2 compatibility

Version 1.1.0

PT-5425, PT-5872, PT-5979, SW-13789, SW-14357, SW-14644, SW-15018 - Feature: Shopware 5.2 compatibility

Version 1.0.10

PT-5560 - Bugfix: Missing translations. Minor refactoring

Version 1.0.9

PT-3987 - Bugfix: Scrollbars in mobile view
PT-4178 - Bugfix: Getting of image size

Version 1.0.8

PT-3906 - Bugfix: Template extension of quick view

Version 1.0.7

PT-3824 - Bugfix: Block prices in side view
PT-3942 - Bugfix: Error in quick view
PT-3983 - Bugfix: Problem with Product-Streams

Version 1.0.6

PT-3466 - Bugfix: Added template Blocks
PT-3622 - Bugfix: Problem with license check
PT-3684 - Bugfix: Displaying net price
PT-3834 - Bugfix: Shopware 5.1 compatibility

Version 1.0.5

PT-3485, PT-3625, PT-3711, PT-3767, PT-3788: Shopware 5.1 compatibility

Version 1.0.4

PT-3474 - Bugfix: Link to supplier page in the quick view element
PT-3485 - Bugfix: Shopware 5.1 compatibility

Version 1.0.3

PT-3315 - Bugfix: Theme compiling per console
PT-3367 - Bugfix: Problem with many subcategories
PT-3368 - Bugfix: Category teaser at the end of a section
PT-3439 - Bugfix: Problem with Quickview under Shopware 5.0.2

Version 1.0.2

SW-11318 - Shopware 5.0.1 compatibility
PT-3171 - Bugfix: License check

Version 1.0.1

PT-3044 - Fix: Compatibility with other plugins

Version 1.0.0

First release

About the manufacturer

shopware AG shopware AG Shopware Enterprise Partner Shopware Enterprise Partner 102 Extensions 3.5 Ø Rating
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