Shopware 6 Professional Edition (Self-hosted)

Shopware 6 Professional Edition (Self-hosted)

by shopware AG
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€ 2,495.00*
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This Shopware edition cannot be used in the cloud.
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Your professional brand presence backed by manufacturer support, not to mention the latest... more

Product information


  • Support direct from the manufacturer
  • Customisable products
  • Drag & drop editor for designing individual landing pages and Shopping Experiences
  • Connection with any number of sales channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Extensive CMS functions


  • Dynamic product groups
  • Easily extensible through plugins
  • Integrated storefront
  • Developed following the API-first approach
  • Based on the latest technological standards
  • PayPal natively integrated
  • Content & commerce features
  • Focus on internationalisation


Your professional brand presence backed by manufacturer support, not to mention the latest technological standards – the Professional Edition is the ideal solution for your unique ecommerce project. 

Shopware 6 is our answer to an increasingly complex world where connectivity and technology are rapidly advancing – and it becomes all the more important people remain at the heart of these developments. With Shopware 6, you have the freedom to unleash your growth potential and focus on crafting the perfect customer experience. More flexibility, less complexity and all from one standard software solution – it’s your freedom to grow!

What you can expect from Shopware 6

Social Shopping

Reach your customers wherever they prefer shopping most. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., you can easily create a visual storefront that showcases your products. 

  • Easily extend your reach and turn social platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. into additional sales channels.
  • Create custom profiles for individual sales channels and target groups
  • Additional sales channels can be connected at any time using our open API
Learn more about Social Shopping


CMS Extension

Do you want your customers to be able to quickly and easily view products without being removed from the shopping experience? With our CMS Extension feature, you can design shop pages according to your requirements and activate the Quickview feature for your products, regardless of whether they’re listed in a Shopping Experience, landing page, category, or shop page. 

  • Integrates with your Shopping Experiences, category pages, and shop pages
  • User-friendly product presentation (e.g. via Quickview)
  • Individually configurable in Shopping Experiences
  • CMS Extension will be updated with additional features on a regular basis
  • Scroll through pages section by section with the scroll navigation 
  • Form Builder: Create or customise your own forms completely by yourself and intuitively - simply drag and drop to arrange and configure the forms according to your wishes. 
Learn more about CMS-Extensions


Custom Products

Create a unique shopping experience for your customers by making it possible for them to add personal touches to select products. Increase your sales and pursue niche markets of customers looking for one-of-a-kind products.

From the administration, you can easily create individual templates that customers can use to customize their products. Here you can enter various property fields and freely define which attributes and products can be customized. This can include anything from a slogan, date, name, etc. - the personal touches are limitless.

  • Maintenance of prices and premiums and discounts per option 
  • Various configuration options, including checkbox, date field, text area, text field, number field and time
  • Any product with individual properties can be customized
  • Templates can be applied to multiple products
  • Realtime update of the product price in the shopping cart 
  • Step by Step Configuration View
Learn more about Custom Products


Additional features for your online shop with Shopware 6:

Rule Builder

With the Rule Builder, you have the freedom to adapt Shopware to your own business model without any programming effort. Following the “configuration over coding” principle, you can effortlessly define rules to customize prices, shipping costs, or content for specific customer groups.

Shopping Experiences

Shopping Experiences is a continuation of the Shopping Worlds feature from Shopware 5 – offering improvements in terms of usability and design possibilities. 

Create a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device. Virtually any content page of the online shop can be customised, and that applies to all sales channels. The new feature also includes numerous standard templates and content blocks for products, videos, social media feeds, text, and more, making it even easier to design an immersive shopping environment.

  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive usability
  • Flexible design any number of pages: Landing pages, category pages, product detail pages, listings etc.
  • Manage different content for individual sales channels

The new administration

The new administration was developed in close collaboration with our users and partners. Using their feedback as a compass, the redesigned administration offers a clear interface, intuitive navigation, outstanding user experience and consistent design. The administration deliberately avoids complexity so that you can focus on what is most important to you – your core business.

  • Developed together with retailers
  • Minimal learning curve thanks to the simple and intuitive design
  • Based on Vue.js
  • Easily extensible


The Shopware 6 storefront is based on the Bootstrap framework and uses Twig as the template engine, bringing many advantages for retailers, web designers and developers:

  • Lightweight and fast storefront
  • Works perfectly on all end devices
  • Reduced costs & effort required to make customisations, thanks to being built upon basic code & development standards that can be easily and widely used
  • Flexible basis for creating your own custom themes


You can find more great features of Shopware 6 in the feature list.

**You benefit from a free initial installation and can customise your ecommerce project at any time using over 3,500 extensions and themes available in the Community Store.



Shopware support

12 months Silver or Gold Subscription

Whether Silver or Gold Subscription: You benefit from a comprehensive service that provides you with all important updates. Gold and Silver Subscription differ in terms of response time and the possibility to use phone support. You can find out more by taking a look at the support overview.


Shopware Certified Partners

Our international network of certified partners offer a wide range of specialised services and provide you with the best resources for bringing your unique ecommerce project to life.


Find the right partner for your project



* Staging environment 

A staging environment is an exact replica of your live site that can be used to safely test and preview any changes to your shop (e.g. new features, enhancements, bug, fixes, etc.). This is a private environment where you or your agency can perform tests under the same conditions as your live shop - and ensure everything works perfectly for the end customer when they are published. 

You benefit from a free initial installation** and can expand the functional scope your ecommerce project at any point using the variety of extensions and themes available in our Community Store.


** Only if the hosting is through one of our certified    hosting partners


Installation manual

Free initial installation by shopware technicians only through a    certified Shopware Hosting Partner.


Here you can find our changelog: To the Changelog

About the manufacturer

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Current version:


€ 2,495.00*
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