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Controllify (statistics and analysis)

Controllify (statistics and analysis)

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  • Switch-Too GmbH
  • 2.0.2
  • 1 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – – – – – –
Controllify - Analyze, standardize, control. Do you miss statistics in Shopware 6 you know... more

Product information


  • Instead of many others tools, Controllify makes it possible to analyze your historical order data
  • Easy to install and use through the shopware backend for fast access to key figures
  • Offers an overview over VAT thresholds for EU member states including sales for the current and the last year
  • You want to know more about best days and times in terms of sales? - Check out Controllify!
  • Neither knowledge in Excel nor additional software necessary


  • Analyze historical order data of your Shopware 6 onlineshop very fast and easily
  • You neither need experience in Excel nor do you need any additional software in order to use Controllify
  • Controllify makes an approximation for visitors by using the sessions that shopware itself sets
  • You want to switch between gross and net values? No problem, just use the switch on the top of section 1
  • Average performance per day or time slot is a pretty powerful tool to control your marketing actions. Check out section 3!
  • The overview over the EU member states gives you the necessary VAT thresholds and the corresponding net sales
  • Easy overview over your top 5 manufacturers, categories, countries and products.
  • Do you know how many products are in your customers cart on average? No? - Check out section 5!
  • Average cart value can be fetched as easy as conversion rate based on shopware sessions
  • Do you know how many of your orders came from customers that did not order the first time? Interesting figure, don´t you think? Check out section 5
  • Controllify is available in either German or English with both German and English support, that is based in Germany.


Controllify - Analyze, standardize, control.

Do you miss statistics in Shopware 6 you know from Shopware 5? - Never mind, with Controllify you´ll get plenty of standardized and fine statistics back in your Shopware 6 backend. Controllify shows you important key figures very quickly without overloading you with data within five sections (see below for more information). There is no need for knowledge in Excel or any additional software. Controllify shows you data concerning sales, orders, sessions and times on a daily basis or on defined periods of time. Many other tools cannot analyze what happened in the past - with Controllify you can analyze historical shop data (orders) to gain more knowledge about your customer base (e.g. best shopping days in terms of sales). We do not want to overload you with numbers, so Controllify concentrates on important figures and visualizes them in a way, that you can grasp them easily.

Decisions in business should never be made on feelings, but on fundamental data - this is what Controllify does for your: giving you an overview over very important key figures of your online business. Furthermore, you get an overview over your sales in EU member sates to keep track of the European VAT thresholds.

Obviously, our app in is only on the surface  of financial and shop controlling at the moment. We want, that Controllify becomes a powerful tool for analyzing and controlling your onlineshop. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from you - even if you only tested Controllify and have some constructive feedback ready.

What can you see with Controllify for Shopware 6?

  • Sales - you can see sales either gross or net during defined periods of time
  • Orders - Controllify gives you information about order values, the amount of orders and the value (in terms of sales and pieces)
  • Sessions - after the activation, Controllify counts the sessions (shopware sets itself) to determine an approximation of shop visitors
  • Average Performance - would you like to see, which days or times (7 pre-defined time slots) worked best?
  • Ranking - Controllify shows you the Top 5 manufacturers, categories, countries and products in terms of sales during a defined period of time
  • VAT Thresholds - get an overview over your sales in EU member states during the current year, the last year and the actual thresholds

The five Sections

Controllify offers five sections, built as a one-pager to show you the statistics it offers: Quick-View (Section 1), Progression-View (Section 2), Buying-Time-Analysis (Section 3), Top 5 Rankings (Section 4) and Keyfigures (Section 5). The EU sale-thresholds are displayed separately on a second side.

Thresholds for European sales

As an international operating company, you should keep track of the European VAT thresholds, that might be very important for you. Controllify offers you a list of all EU member states, including the corresponding sales (current year and last year), the VAT threshold and a value for the delta. With that list you can get a fast overview if tax related actions might be necessary for your business in order to avoid penalties. Version 2.0.2 offers the new thresholds.

We are planning to develop Controllify way further than the current point, in order to offer more and better business insides, including more statistics and standardized data. Those information can help you performing your business controlling or making consistency checks.

Corona Support

The corona crisis can be an issue for you. How do you manage your onlineshop during a crisis like that? With Controllify you can get access e.g. to the best days or times in terms of sales in order to organize your upcoming marketing campaigns better.


It is very important for us to get feedback from either customers or tester, in order to develop Controllify further for better analyzis and therefore better control - so keep in touch. ;-)


  • No knowledge in Excel or additional software necessary
  • Setup via your shopware backend very simple and easy
  • Fast support in English and German (based in Germany)
  • No knowledge in financial topics necessary
  • Open Source Software
  • Free trial available


Who should use Controllify? – every one! It offers you a fast overview over important key figures that are important for alle niveaus - and that directly out of Shopware 6

How does Controllify work?very easily. Without any additional software it processes order data from the past that is already in your onlineshop.

Will there be a Shopware 5 release?No. We want to stick with the most recent version of Shopware and therefore wont develop Controllify for Shopware 5.

Is Controllify open-source? – Yes. The app is offered as open-source software.

Can you offer more key figures in Controllify? - Sure! Please send us your feedback. :-)

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Customer reviews

Installation manual

Please install the Controllify app via your shopware 6 backend.

  • Navigate to Setup -> System -> Plugins // SW >=6.4: Extensions
  • Either us the upload button (if you have the zip-file) or install the app by using your shopware account
  • After the successful setup, you will find your analysis under Orders in the sections "Statistics" and "Sale thresholds".

You do not have to configure the sections, you just have to pick the range of time that you want to analyze. The button for gross and net values can be found in the top right corner of the app. This selection is valid for all sections. Sessions will be counted after the app has been installed and activated properly.

If you want to use the app also with German language, please make sure that all translations are existent (categories, manufacturers, countries and products).


Version 2.0.2

- fixed minor bugs and features

Version 2.0.1

- Improved detail view

Version 2.0.0

- Compatibility with Shopware 6.4 established

- Fixed minor adjustments in the delivery threshold calculations

Version 1.0.0

This is the first version.

About the manufacturer

Switch-Too GmbH Switch-Too GmbH 1 Extensions No ratings
Current version:


€ 19.99* / month

Free updates and support included

Cancelable monthly

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